Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sandhill Cranes

Being in the heart of the Spring migration
with 400,000  Lesser Sandhill Cranes
has changed me forever.

The fields in Nebraska, near the Platte River, were filled with Cranes.
They were cleaning up the waste corn from last year's harvest.

                                                               These are elegant birds.
                                                                  They are graceful.
                                                                       They dance!

                                                   I have fallen in love with them.

We sat in a bird blind and watched
as the Cranes came in at sunset to roost.
I have Sandhill Crane fever.

Being so near to them was amazing.
Listening to them was magical.
I laid the camera down.

We watched as the Cranes woke up the next morning.
I was one with the Cranes.

I brought home a Crane mobil for my kitchen.

March has gone out as a warm Lamb.
April showers are in the forecast.

The Daffodiles are in bloom.
There are thousands in my gardens,
33 years of growing Daffodiles.

It smells like Spring.

While I sit with my birds and the bees on my deck
I am thinking about the Cranes.
I am thinking about my relationship with the wetlands and
my relationship with the trees and the flowers.
I think about my gardens.

A strong wind out of the Southwest began to blow.
It will help the Sandhill Cranes finish their migration.
The winds will carry songbirds into my backyard.
I am looking for the Rosebreasted Grosbeaks to arrive soon.
I am thinking about the wind and the rains.
Goodbye March.


Randy Emmitt said...

This reminds me of a new years day I woke up to the sounds of Sandhill Cranes flying over head. We were canoe camping in the Okefenokee Swamp.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Loved your pictures! My mother lives near the Platte River where the cranes migrate. It is simply amazing to watch them. I loved your words and the way you wrote about them. They are something else to watch, aren't they?? Loved this post. :)

marmee said...

i am happy for you that you were able to live, breathe, feel the very presence of the cranes. how awesome for you. they are beautiful creatures.
watching a migration is a magical moment.
happy spring.

Amy said...

Lovely photos Sherry! I've always wanted to see the Sandhill Cranes in person - what a gift!

Methinks you captured Spring very well with this post.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I knew you would enjoy the trip. They are amazing animals. I can hear the sounds.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....the Sandhill Cranes are majestic and beautiful. It must be a great honour to sit amongst them....I can but imagine.

March went out with a roar here....much too loud for my liking. Heavy rain and bitterly cold winds tore through my gardens.....also thunder and kept me awake for most of Tuesday night.

Still things are calm today and Easter is coming. I shall entertain the old folk tomorrow....then Sat/Sun Poppi Riley and my daughter will stay to celebrate Easter and Grandpops birthday.....we will go hunting for eggs and I have a very special breakfast planned.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend........

Kimberly said...

Q, Sandhill Cranes are some of my favorite birds. I'd never seen one before moving to Florida. I've never seen them in flocks like the ones you picture. They're always in pairs or with their young. They're protected here in FL. They are tremendously graceful and beautiful!

Wendy said...

What a lovely day you had with the cranes. I dreamed of cranes a few years ago, although I've never seen them.

March went out like a warm lamb here too.

Rose said...

What an awesome experience this must have been, Sherry! I've never seen a sandhill crane before, other than perhaps in a zoo. It must have been magical indeed to see them all flying up from their roost.

You asked about the photo on my last post--I think it's a white heron. I took it in Arizona near my daughter's apartment. It's a small man-made lake near a golf course, so I don't think they would have anything too exotic there.