Friday, April 02, 2010


The Brown Thrasher has returned.
His song is enchanting.

Harris Sparrow has also joined the
Spring backyard bird family.

Morning showers gave way
to a sunny afternoon.

The Dogwood buds are swelling.

We worked in the garden at first light.
We wanted to plant the flax seed before the rains came.

I am so very excited to be growing flax.
I am keeping a Flax journal.

This is a native to my area plant.
I have done lots of research on how to grow flax
and how to prepare the plant fiber for spinning into linen thread.
Thundershowers caught us
 just as we were putting up the tools.

I practice the Kaizen Way,
one step at a time to achieve my goals.

Next I will be getting my dyer's garden planted.
I want to dye my flax fiber.

It has been ten years since I hugged a Redwood.

I long to smell the Redwood Forest.

They are ancient trees
that grow far away from my house.

Our children live on the West Coast.
I long to hug them.
We are planning a road trip for the month of June.
We are planning time for hugging.

I read puffins are nesting on Haystack Rock.
I would love to meet a Puffin.
There are many wetlands to visit
 between my house and the  Pacific Ocean.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

June will be delightful in the NW. You will see the 'clowns of the sea'. They are such enchanting birds.

The first of the year Brown Thrasher was in our garden this morning too. I haven't seen a Harris's Sparrow in several years. They are hard to come by around here.

Your flax project will be fun to watch develop. Lucky that it rained on your plantings. The rain is supposed to arrive here in the morning.

Flat Creek Farm said...

A delightful post, as always! How exciting about the flax! I will be anxious to see how that goes. From planting the seed to spinning into linen thread - and then plants to dye the fiber with. What a wonderful project! And you have a very important trip coming up with even more sights to see and share :) -Tammy

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....Hugging our children is just the best......I hope your dreams are fulfilled and the month of June holds family time.

I have a small redwood in my garden.....around 4 metres high (approx 13ft). It was here when I came to the house. I have seen the Redwoods in your forests....they are just amazing. I shall always remember them.

We have puffins on UK coasts....they are just so beautiful. Sadly they are in decline here because their food source is slowly disappearing......

Your garden birds are beautiful....I watched two mistle thrush amongst the grass this morning. I did not rush and get my camera.....I just wanted to sit with them and enjoy the moment......

We have flax fields nearby....the pretty little flowers often visit my garden......

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would love to see a Puffin, too. We saw some interesting sites on our trip to NC this week. I looked up the Kaizen way and I'm going to write down the 3 principles. Very good way to live your life!

Mary said...

I've never met a Puffin, either.

June will be the perfect time to travel for hugs.

I always enjoy your birds and adventures.

Have fun, Sherry!

Barb said...

I enjoy your stream-of-consciousness. I think you and I are drawn to many of the same things. It's nice that you can look forward to hugs and hugging.

HappyMouffetard said...

What beautiful birds you have in your garden :)