Thursday, May 13, 2010


                                                Today is the Green New Moon
of May.


Halley's Comet is high over head in the night's sky.

It has been a rainy week.
My world is lush.

I have been reading while thunder rattles my windows.
  When the rains stop I go outside to be with the birds.

I am preparing for my journey west.
I am taking notes.

I am learning about nature's calender in Yellowstone.
The study of Phenology is the study of the relationship of flora and fauna.
It is the study of concurrent seasonal events.
I am a phenologist.

I am becoming familiar with the birds and wildflowers of this region.
It is very different from my urban wild life.

I am learning about the rocks and the soils.
Knowing the rocks helps me to know the history.
Knowing the soil helps me to anticipate what trees I will see.

We will be on a four legged journey.
Wyoming is our first stop.
We are planning our route.
 We have plenty of time.

It has been ten years since
I have been to Yellowstone.
Much can change in ten years.
I have.

I take breaks from my study.

One chocolate a day is perfect!

This evening the sun came out.
A new to my back yard bird came to the feeding station.

I have my field guides out.

There is so much to learn just in my backyard!


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Mr P and I often look at the moon together. It holds fascination for both of us. You help me understand.

Your journey will be wonderful. Your studies make me feel excited. I am sure you will see all you dream of and more.
I will walk with you.

One chocolate a day is good. We are linked....I do the same. I am a chocoholic but realise I need to control my temptation. I manage most days.

The new bird in your garden is lovely....not unlike our yellowhammer.....

Happy Friday....I have the parents coming to take tea this afternoon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry, I am so excited about your trip. I want to go to the Grand Canyon so bad. A friend of mine is from Germany and he thinks the Tetons are the most beautiful mountains. He isn't the only one. Almost everyone Ihave talked to that have seen them says the same thing. I can't wait to see them through your eyes. Your female Summer Tananger photo is marvelous. They rarely sit still down low for a photo. Maybe you should get Sibley's Western Guide to pare down the birds you have to go through to find the one you are seeing on your trip? It might be helpful. Anyway, it looks like you are well prepared for the trip.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Life is oh so worth living just for all the learnings alone!!! How much more you will appreciate your travels, with all the preparations you have made. Bon Voyage!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I can't wait to read about your travels and what you see, do, and learn along the way. I've always wanted to 'go west'. Have never made it past Colorado.. yet. Love the bird photos - I've seen both of those in and around our yard at different times. The yellow one I never could identify.

Thanks for your input on the baby owl. I think we won't have a definite i.d. unless we see the parents well enough. It seems most 'owl spotters' think he/she is a Spotted or Barred. Now I'm completely obsessed with owls.. must learn more :) Enjoy your weekend! -Tammy

sweetbay said...

I envy your going to Yellowstone. It's such a spectacular place.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just had my Sibley's book looking up the bird that scared me on my evening walk. I knew it wasn't a bat...too big. It must have been about a dozen Nighthawks! They sure scared me! Love your post! How fun to be preparing for a trip! Enjoy your weekend! ♥