Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Safari

We watched the bumble bees
spread open the blooms of the
Blue False Indigo.

A very beautiful tall wild flower that is native to my area.

We watched the tiny Gray Hairstreak
nectar in the white clover.

Plains Coreopsis provides food for many of the pollinators.

Acres of these beauties once covered the plains.

We took a short hike in the nearby
Upland Oak-Hickory Forest.

An ancient inland sea once covered this area.
Now we have the lovely Bethany Falls Limestone
rock formations.
These rocks saved this land from the plow.

I have found many fossils in these rocks.
Many small animals have homes in these rocks.

This area is my
Mythic Woods.

Each area in our world has
a sacred landscape.

It is our responsibility to care for these

We sat by the pond and watched as
Dragonflies emerged.

Crane flies call the grasses home.

I share this land with so many creatures.

I too need food and water.

The potatoes are in bloom.

The roses are opening.

The painted daisies are in full bloom.

The sedium in the south garden is just
beginning to bloom.

The chamomile is ready for harvest.
When we live in cooperation there is room for every one.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Barb said...

Hi Q,
I've looked and looked at these wonderful tributes to Nature - I can hardly pick a favorite though the sedum/butterfly is awesome! You are right - there are sacred places everywhere. We must try to honor them.

Amy said...

I agree with Barb, Sherry. There is so much beauty - but my favorite is the coreopsis (the petal shape is awesome), and the two butterflies are just exquisite. Thank you!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The garden and surrounds are really coming alive. It is such fun to see all the bees and bugs doing what comes natural.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....there is nothing left to have made a tribute to mother earth.

As you so rightly say there are sacred places everywhere. We must learn to respect them, to hold onto them for our children and grand-children.

Your world is full of new life in all shapes and forms. It was wonderful to study each and every photograph......tku

Have a wonderful week.....

Chrissie said...

Dear Sherry, I really enjoyed your safari :-) I love coreopsos, but find it difficult to grow, how wonderful to have it growing wild! Have a great week :-)

sweetbay said...

Beauty abounds everywhere this time of year. It's a shame so few really appreciate it. Baptisia is very beautiful isn't it -- one of my very favorite wildflowers.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Wonderful photos and I also like seeing the books! Have a nice afternoon! ♥

Roses and Lilacs said...

Beautiful photos. Especially loved the butterflies, the hairstreak is gorgeous.

I haven't seen many bees here. It's been so cold up until Sunday. Hope their numbers are building and I will see more soon.

marmee said...


i am always in awe of all the wonderous things you are into.
i really want to learn more about foraging and using what the land supplies. sometimes i feel as though i am just starting my journey. there is so much to learn.
happy may.

Deb said...

Your Sunday Safari posts are always so wonderful and colourful! We are thrilled to see so many bumble bees in our garden too ♥

Rose said...

I love your last lines, Sherry--this is certainly a thought worth remembering. You know I love all the pretty blooms, but seeing the butterflies, the bees, and other creatures in the garden makes me even happier, knowing that my garden is not only pretty to look at but a healthy place as well.

I always enjoy your safari photos, Sherry; we have had so many butterflies here the past few days, I feel as though I'm on a safari every time I step outside!

Judy said...

I am always charmed by your photos of the bees, bumble and otherwise! I love the photos of the emerging dragonflies! I wish you had posted photos of the wings unfurling and drying!

Judy said...

And thank you for introducing me to the works of Diane Ackerman! I loved her book Cultivating Delight, and have requested another from the library!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Blue False Indigo.. so *that's* what that is blooming alongside our road. Or maybe not.. I must investigate further :) Lovely safari as always... thanks for taking us along! -Tammy

Juliet said...

Beautiful bees and butterflies :-D We have plenty of bees at the moment too, but not your variety of butterflies.

Your chamomile is way ahead of mine, and my potatoes are only just starting to think about making buds, but I have roses in bloom too. I love to see what is in flower over there - and it's surprising how similar our plants are, especially as our wildlife is often so different.

Oh - and Eat Your Yard - what a great title for a book!

ShySongbird said...

Dear Sherry, it is always such a pleasure to share your Sunday safari :) I have planted Coreopsis several times in my garden but it always seems to fail so it is quite surprising to read that it has grown in the wild.

I love the Grey Hairstreak, an unusual little butterfly, and your Rose is such a lovely colour...beautiful photos as always!

Barb said...

Hi Sherry,
Just stopping by again to wish you an awesome adventure in the West. There is so much beauty, and I know your keen eye will find it. Stay safe! I'm in Moab, UT now and will be back in CO tomorrow.