Thursday, December 02, 2010

Spirit of the Cowgirl

   After our morning walk I sat on the deck.
 I took with me my book, my straw Stetson, a cup of coffee, my Christmas blanket and my camera. I wanted to spend time with the birds.

I ended up day dreaming of conversations
 I wanted to have with you.

I so much wanted to share my Cowgirling.

The brass boot was drying.
My husband painted it black for me.
It is the stand for my Cowgirl Christmas tree.
I chose a branch from the front maple as her tree.
I have some silver detailing to do on the boot before I install the tree and begin hanging the ornaments.

I requested "Annie Get Your Gun"
from the library. I have never seen this musical.
I can't wait to tell you all about it.
I so very much want to share my Cowgirling with you.
So I have begun yet another blog, "Spirit of the Cowgirl."
I am posting on Thursdays.
If you get a minute come on over.......
Let's have a Cowgirl round up.


Flat Creek Farm said...

I've been in a cowgirl state of mind lately too. What a great and timely post for me too ;) Thank you for sharing. I must see Annie Get your Gun also :) I'll check your new blog out! -Tammy

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, it is delightful to see the image of you sitting on your deck. I am honoured to know your surroundings.

What a fabulous idea....of course I will add your new blog to my list.......

I love the tree stand, so will look wonderful. Such fun that you and your husband work together.....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ya...hoooo. See you on Thursdays. Your boot base is a great idea. I bet that straw hat is warm too with the weave so close.

Rose said...

Can't wait to see your new cowgirl tree, Sherry! But what I also want to see is you in your Stetson as you write:)

I didn't realize until I stopped by here that I have missed several of your posts--so sorry! It looks like you have been very busy indeed. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

You asked about my making cookies--yes, I try to get the grandkids together each year for a cookie-decorating afternoon. It's pretty messy and they consume a lot of sugar, but it's my favorite Christmas preparation of all.

Q said...

Hi Tammy,
Sometimes I need to Cowgirl up and find the joy in the work!
Happy Christmas.

Q said...

Hi Cheryl,
Being a Cowgirl is so much fun even when the going gets tough. My little Cowgirl just reminds me I am resourceful and can find a way if I don't give up!
My husband is very supportive in my all my adventures...he is a joy to live with!
Happy trails and Merry Christmas,

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I am having Cowgirl fun. Thanks for joining in. We can Cowgirl together.
Happy Christmas,

Q said...

Hi Rose,
I have made a commitment to all my post a day at least!
Spirit of the Cowgirl is a planned post so a bit different than birds and bugs on Corner!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Grandkids sure can make the holidays fun.