Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Safari

Cooper's Hawk hunts in the back yard.

Most of the time he is successful.

Our feeders attract many Doves and Sparrows.

Cooper's Hawk helps to keep a balance.

 The wind shifted to the north
bringing Arctic air to the Mid-west.
I twisted some roving and
made a few quick snakes for the windowsills.
45 mile an hour winds with gusts up to 50 mph
made the kitchen feel cold.
We received a bit of snow overnight.
I made my wishes on our first snowfall.

When we came in from walking at the
community center a Wooly Caterpillar
was walking on the garage floor.
I brought him in to the dining room
 and gave him a home on the holly.
He stayed curled up for a very long time.

The geraniums are blooming.
They are growing in terra cotta pots on the
windowsills in the living room
and dining room.
I am happy I brought them in.

I will not need a
poinsettia this year.

I brought in lots of Rosemary plants in October
and two huge pots of lavender.
The house smells divine.
I am remembering my Mother today.
It would have been her 87th birthday.
Sometimes, if I am very still, I can hear her voice.
It is fading as the years roll by.
Life changes.

The Moon is waxing
in our clear cold skies.
I am celebrating our snow but it is too cold
for me to be out in it.
Low tonight is to be 4 degrees f.

Paper cutting is fun.
It has been many years since I made snowflakes.

I shall be doing more paper crafting this week.

I want to cut out paper garlands

for the cornices in the Kitchen.

I want to cut out more snowflakes.

Snow is fascinating
as long as I can stay warm.
As soon as the wind lays down
I will bundle up and take my blanket and camera
to the deck.

I make sure the birds are cared for
in all weather.

I have been far away today

caught in a Fairy Tale.
Perhaps I am just remembering

the stories from when I was young.
My Grandmother's birthday
is also in December,
as is mine.
Today I have spent time with
my Grandmother's Christmas ornaments
that were handed down to my Mother
and are now part of my Christmas.
Styles change but I treasure these old ornaments.
I treasure my memories of my Mother and my Grandmother.

Today I find myself in a melancholy mood.
It will pass.

Turning on the oven

and baking a snowflake
or thinking about October
brings a smile.
I love owls and nature stories.
I love pumpkins
and Snowmen.
Happy Sunday Safari.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The paper cutting looks like something I would enjoy! Love photos of your hawk! STAY WARM! Hugs! ♥

Barb said...

To remember loved ones no longer with us can create nostalgia during the Holidays - but if the memories are happy (as yours seem to be), they are also a special gift. Your antique ornaments are lovely, and the photos of the hawk amazing. Stay warm!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed all of your photos and topics. My in-laws were born the end of October, and middle of November. We think of them at the holidays, too.

Your paper cutting is awesome!

sweetbay said...

Your hawk photos are magnificent!! Such a beautiful bird.

The roving looks nice and warm. And it sounds like it is much needed. There was a really cold winter one of the 3 years we lived in Pennsylvania. One night was -22 with a wind chill of -45. I can still recall the cold beating against the windows and thinking thank goodness for central heat.

I love your pumpkin ornament.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I must say the photos of your hawk are marvelous. Cutting out torillas as snowflakes and adding sugar and cinnamon reminds me of when my Mother would bake pies she would take the leaft over crusts and put sugar and cinnamon on them as cookies for me. I thought they were better than the pies she baked. ha... Try to stay warm. Big Hugs...

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

You have many wonderful memories, and things to do for the holiday season.

Juliet said...

What a beautiful hawk. We've had a sparrowhawk (a rare visitor) in our garden twice in the last few days, but not close enough to photo. I would like a zoom lens!

The papercrafting looks fun - I make greetings cards, but I don't remember having done paper garlands & snowflakes since I was a child.

I hope your memories are good ones and that you're feeling less melancholy soon :-*

Cathy said...

I do believe in the first photo, that hawk is looking right at you!

Tammie Lee said...


all your photos and post are wonderful, the hawk photos took my breath away!

Happy Solstice.

Naturegirl said...

Oh my seeing the Cooper brings back memories of the days that I would watch out my window horrified at what I saw...yes it is the law of nature that they keep the balance..but it did freak me out!Your photos of the Cooper are stunning!
I think Christmas can be a time for many to experience a melancholy mood
remembering those that have passed on. My mother's birthday was last week also and I lit a candle for her and have had her on my mind since.It comforts me thinking about her.
You certainly have quite a few projects on the go .Stay busy and bundle up! Loved your kitchen window too!Happy holidays! hugs to you!

Rose said...

Christmas is certainly a time to provoke memories, and oftentimes they are bittersweet. I think, too, of those no longer with us. But I'm sure your mother and grandmother and other loved ones are there with you in spirit, Sherry. Those baked Christmas "snowflakes" look so pretty--and tasty! Wonderful photos of the hawk.

Wendy said...

Your hawk pictures are superb! You capture well; he almost look like he can fly through the picture!

You have so many wonderful interests to keep you busy this winter. Snowflakes and fairy stories, birthdays and remembering, baking and indoor gardening. I'm glad your geraniums have bloomed. They add so much bright colour to the windowsills this time of year.
Stay warm.

David said...

This is my first time to visit and I love this post! I did paper cuttings a long time ago and still love to see them. Your snowflake is terrific.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

Mary said...


"Today I find myself in a melancholy mood.
It will pass."

Me, too. It will pass.