Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Safari

Today we celebrate
 the New Cardinal Moon.

We follow the moon phases.

The Northern Cardinals are my favorite birds.

Many Cardinal families
come to our feeders.

Some of the birds have called our backyard
home for many years.
They are friends.

We provide food and water year around for them.
They provide hours of joy.

I have been reading

and planning experiments

for when we have our first snow.
I have an inquiring mind.

It has been very cold when I have gone for
my daily walks.
I have dressed in layers.
I am working on learning how to enjoy the cold.

I am looking forward to our first snow.

I am planning
our snow sculptures.
I like the idea of using light.

I began forced tulips this past week.

I will do more this coming week.
Tulips in January always lift my spirits.

I made cranberry bells for the
window boxes.
I hope the birds enjoy them.
I am smitten with stone walls
and the wallers who create them.

Each wall is a work of art
and tells a story.
I am gathering photographs of stone walls.
A new endeavor for me.

In the evenings we are playing
Cribbage and Scrabble.

We are staying cozy
as we wait for snow.
Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day.
I will be making my wishes.
So far no snow in our forecast.
They say it is to be dry winter.
I am dreaming of snow.

Happy Sunday Safari.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, another beautiful post, that includes one of my favourite subjects....stone walls. I am passionate about them. There are many anicent walls in my area. I often pull up in my car and study them. They are magical mini habitats....some enclose secret gardens.

The cardinals are so pretty...such lovely faces. They speak to me each time I see them. How lovely to have such bright colours grace your garden at this time of year.

A dry this good, after such a dry summer??

It looks as though our winter will be very cold and unforgiving.

Happy Sunday safari........

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

What a wonderful post, Sherry! It looks like all the birds pose for your camera! Amazing, high-class pictures! Love your craneberry bells! All the images tell: Winter. Cozy. Happiness.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Cardinal is one of my favorites too. They are amazing birds. They bring a bit of fire into the garden especially during winter. We woke to a skiff of snow yesterday (sunday). Cheers. Those cranberry bells are gorgeous. I hope the birds appreciate them. The birds are beginning to come to our window box to eat the pyracantha berries that I stuck in there.

Deb said...

The Cardinals are so beautiful! We have a pair that visit daily (they have a favourite feeder). I am sure they would love the cranberry bells. For Christmas we will hang edible ornaments for the birds (and squirrels).I cut shapes out of bread - put it in the oven for a few minutes to dry -spread with suet, add seed and hang with twine.Only a slight sprinkle of snow this morning but more expected through the week.

Rose said...

Lovely photos of the cardinals, Sherry. I did spy one in the backyard here today, but I haven't seen a lot of my winter birds yet. It's very cold here, so I do hope they find the feeders.

I'd gladly send you some of our snow so you could build one of those delightful "snow sculptures":) I really like the lighted snowball man.

Juliet said...

I love the thought of a book about the Physics of Christmas! The snow angel is a fun idea too.

Have you had snow yet? We've only had a sprinkling here in Cambridge but much of the UK has had heavy snow - a bit of a shock as we don't normally get it at this time of year and people haven't seen so much since the early sixties. My parents were snowed in for a while, but they can at least walk to the shops now, though their car is still frozen in the garage!

Wendy said...

I am also smitten with stone walls. There is something magical about them and as Cheryl said some enclose secret gardens. I think they all enclose secrets of some sort.

Your cardinals are spectacular! You seem to be able to get the light just right! How is the card business going?

Those cranberry bells look intriguing. I will try to make some.
We have snow - I'll send you some. LOL!

sweetbay said...
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sweetbay said...

Cardinals are beautiful birds. The Cardinal is the state bird of NC.

The town where my husband and I went to college has a lot of stone walls. They add much to the character of the place.