Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Safari

I watched a Summer Azure nectar in the Queen Ann's Lace.
This is a tiny butterfly with less than an inch wingspan.

The Queen Ann's Lace is a favorite spot for many bugs.

It is my favorite wild flower.

I have been writing in my journal about freedom this weekend.
I have been thinking about the feedom to choose.

I am so happy the female Tiger Swallowtail,
in her black form, choose to visit the cone flowers today.
This one was very large with a wingspan of at least 4 inches.
Her tiger stripes were very visible.

I like white flowers.

The day lillies attracted Bumble Bees today.
I am always happy to see bees.

We had showers off and on all day.

I have been keeping the bird baths and puddlers full of fresh water.
In the heat the birds need water.

Lots of little ones are coming for seeds and nuts.
A pair of House Wrens are nesting.

They were here last year.

The mint is beginning to bloom,
fresh sweetness for the bees.

I saw an Indigo Bunting
in the vegetable garden.
I am so happy the birds and bugs chose
my backyard today.


Randy Emmitt said...

We have missed seeing your posts! Really enjoyed seeing the Queen Annes Lace, it is going crazy here this year. Have you seen my bee hive posts?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your photos are so good Sherry. I like the close ups of the QAL. It is so aptly named. Little balls of lace in the garden.

ShySongbird said...

Such lovely photos Sherry! Your little Summer Azure is so much like our Holly Blue, they have been in the garden today but I didn't manage a photo, they are attracted by the Holly and Ivy which are their main food plants. Your Tiger Swallowtail is so beautiful and your lovely photo shows it to perfection.

Needless to say I love seeing your birds too, the first wren looks so sweet with its open beak.

Happy July 4th Sherry :)

Barb said...

Hi Sherry, I planted mint this year- chocolate and spearmint. I love the photo of the rain, but all are magnificent. I want to look at them again and again.

Rose said...

Your macro shots are fantastic, Sherry! The Queen Anne's Lace is my favorite wildflower, too; if it didn't already grow wild here, I would plant some just to be able to see it each summer.

The bugs and the birds are having a feast day here, too, though I'm not so happy about the Japanese beetles feasting on my roses.

David said...

Great post, Q!
I really love the way you photograph nature. I can never get a blue jay shot....they are so wary. You must have some secret. I love white flowers, too.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry, what a beautiful butterfly to begin this happy post. And on a very special day for me too. Thank you.
The tiger swallowtail is gorgeous too, so calm as she sits quietly.

I love your flowers, bugs and bees. I've gathered some Queen Annes' lace too. It was lying by the side of the road, so I had to pick it up and bring it home.
Hugs dear friend.