Thursday, November 08, 2007

Breakfast with the birds

I filled the feeders
and bird baths early.

I wanted the Pine Siskins
to feel welcomed.

I wanted all the birds, that call the backyard home,
to have plenty of food and water.

I took my breakfast outside,
a simple bowl of seeds.

I wanted to have breakfast with the birds.
I think I will have lunch with them too.


Sprite said...


Beautiful Winged Woman~

I can't think of a more wonderful way to spend breakfast, except with my dear girlfriend!

The Dove photograph is perhaps one of my most favorite photographs I've ever seen. So precious, thank you. She too, has my heart.

What a beautiful day!

Much love,


Chrissie said...

Its birdtime :-) Great photos as always, Sherry!

Chrissie said...

Its birdtime :-) Great photos as always, Sherry!

Deb said...

Yesterday our feeders were empty by supper time - the birds were telling us the weather forecast. This morning rain, this afternoon - wet snow! I love your 'version' of a B&B (breakfast with the birdies) :-}

Anonymous said...

I am trying to make my house siskin friendly but they still have not visited me yet! Love all your photos as always !

Q said...

Dearest Friend,
I often miss my wings!
I seem to fly with the butterflies and the birds.
It would be ever so grand to sit with you and the birds as the sun rose. I just had a bowl of seeds while the Pine Siskins feed. I enjoyed them so very much. When the morning was new I was wrapped in two blankets! By afternoon I was barefoot! I love that about Autumn.
There are two Doves that are very friendly. I think they would sit on my lap if I would allow it.
It was a beautiful day. Sharing it with you makes it special.
Thank you!
Bird songs,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
It is bird time once again!
You remember last year?
I would sit on the deck in all types of weather just to be with the birds. At first I was inside at the back door. I felt too removed. I found all sorts of ways to stay warm while outside. I am thinking I could take a space heater out this year and plug it in by my chair. My husband may not think this is a good idea!!!
Winter birds are very wonderful!
We will see who comes in this year.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Snow??? I hope your trees are okay.
LOL!! B&B...yep, breakfast and birdies..

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
I hope all of them have not left the NE! I bet your house is bird friendly for every species. I am amazed at all the different birds that come to your feeders! I have seen very few warblers. They are lovely little songsters.