Friday, November 09, 2007

New Hawk Moon

Hawk is the messenger.

I am aware.
Thank you for walking with me on my Earth Walk, the Good Red Road.
Happy New Hawk Moon.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Interesting photo. I will have to remember this "moon" effect when I digiscope something and it looks similar to this.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I am not familiar with "digiscope".
Please tell me what this is.
I often will do a photo overlay. I like the message of them. This is a photo of Copper's Hawk laid over a photo of the full moon. I use the full moon photos often for when I want to say "Moon".
The photo essays sometimes have layers of meaning in them. Sometimes they are just bird and butterfly reports!
Happy New Moon,

Chrissie said...

Happy New Hawk Moon, Sherry :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Happy New Hawk Moon to you too. May all your messages from Hawk be full of joy!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful picture of a Coopers Hawk, look at his eyes, just marvelous..
Thanks for your comment, I am up and walking around the house.
I am a very motivated patient:-))
cheers from Canada,

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
Nice you can get around some. I had both of my feet worked on at the same time just so the healing process wouldn't take so long!
Don't forget to elevate...keeps the swelling down.
I am sending healing blessings.
Happy New Moon!

Mary said...

I am amazed, Sherry. I immediately fell in love with this photo. Made my night.

Good night, New Hawk Moon!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I like doing the photo overlays.
I think they are pretty.
I like pretty pictures.
As time permits I am finding more creative ways of using all my photos. I have ideas on things I can make with them too.
2008, looks to be my year of using my printer. Hopefully I will be able to be more creative on Corner as well.
Sleep well.
New Hawk Moon has a message for you....

Anonymous said...

happy new hawk moon to you also! This is great!

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Naming the New Moons last year was very fun. I am enjoying finding ways to celebrate them now. Creating the moon photos is very fun too.