Thursday, November 22, 2007

We Gather Together


Mary said...

OH, my I have tears in my eyes. Your music and images are so wonderul.

Bird's in the oven - table is set. Now, I'm going the wish the birds Happy Thanksgiving and fill their feeders :o)

Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful series of photos in your video . . happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

Chrissie said...

Dear Sherry. I always find your slide shows so relaxing at the end of the working day :-) You have given us all a Thanksgiving gift! Thank you!

Q said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mary,
I am so glad you liked this.
I wanted to do a little something for Thanksgiving. "We Gather Together" seems to be the traditional music. This rendition is from the Windham Hill cd, "Thanksgiving".
Enjoy your feast and your bird time.
Gobble, gobble!

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Thank you. Happy Turkey Day to you and yours too.
Be safe and warm,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you! That is exactly what I hope the slide shows do! I always want them to be enjoyable.
I am so graeful for your friendship.
I think of you often. Hope cards are selling well. One of these days you can be out in nature every day taking your photos and sharing the beauty of your world.

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

I am thankful today for you. Your lovely slide show is uplifting. I so enjoy the music and the photos.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Much love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Easy day for me this year.
It is so cold tho I cannot be outside for very long. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow and I can go walking.
I missed you while you were traveling.
Glad you are back home all warm and snug.
I am grateful for you too "girlfriend"! Giggles...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sherry, Another beautiful video. I could listen to that music for some time. I do hope that you and yours had a wonderful day. Thank you so much for this touch of beauty on a cold dark day. I consider it one of my many blessings to be thankful for, especially today.

PAT said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sherry!

We didn't have any snow over here. I heard there were flurries in STL, this morning.

One year ago, next week, we had an ice and snow storm!


Naturegirl said...

Sherry I am coming by to wish you and your family and all your nature friends blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving!
hugs from aNNa and all her roses and fur friends!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
It has become very cold here too. Low tonight is suppose to be 16 degrees. Tuesday it was 74 degrees...the way of November, hot-cold-hot-cold. Cold could stay around for awhile now.
I am so glad you enjoy the slide show. I wanted to do an extra something for Thanksgiving.
My husband and I had a fine day. I saw a Brown Creeper in our small Ash tree which made my day! Both of our children called and we had nice visits. I do miss them.
Stay warm.
Thank you for your friendship,

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
I remember the snow storm last year. I think we had 6 inches.
I need to stock up on bird seed just in case a winter storm keeps me home. I could buy a case of soup. People need to eat too!
Time to start decorating for December. It is always fun and so beautiful.

Q said...

Dear Anna, Goddess of the Roses,
Thank you for thinking of me.
Hugs to all your furry friends and may the birds sing you the sweetest of songs. May your roses rest now and bloom profusely in the spring. May their fragrance drift all the way south to me. Please give your kitties a special, "Hello" from me. I often miss my Kitty.
We are kindred spirits, I am grateful I met you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Sherry, I know how you feel about your children being away. My son and family lives in Wisconsin. A long way away during winter especially with those northern roads being so unpredictable.

Mary C said...

Hi Sherry - I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday, and still enjoying it through the weekend. Thank you for the beautiful slide show and music - so appropo.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I do miss my kids!
Glad they are carving their niche in this world. We will visit our daughter and son-in-love for Christmas.
The birds keep me busy in the winter.

Q said...

Dear Mary C.,
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!
I am thinking about decorating for December now. I will start soon.
Snow is falling this morning and my thoughts have begun to drift to silver bells and holly.
I am so happy you enjoyed the slide show. I do enjoy creating them so very much. I like thinking about the what music would be fun and what photos will work. The slide shows let me share lots of photos.
Bird time at my house,