Friday, December 07, 2007

Birds in the snow


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry I so look forward to your friday videos. The birds look so animated in your photos and the music seemed to reflect that as well as the snowfall.

Q said...

Good Morning Lisa,
I really enjoy "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by Vince Guaraldi.
This piece is "Linus and Lucy".
I had thought our video would be about all the trees I have done for December but the snow and all the birds was way more fun!
Glad you look forward to the slide shows. I look forward to creating them.
Have a safe weekend. Winter weather is here at my house. It looks like it could be moving east to you.
Time for me to go feed the birds.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I had know idea birds could dance!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sherry, birds are our bset friends, we love to watch, feed and take care of them. Thank you for posting this video, very lovely..

Q said...

Good Morning One-who-rattles,

They rock and roll,
Strut and trot.
They hip-hop
And do the twist.
Why I have seen most everything
The birds are in the groove!

They pirouette,
Mambo and cha-cha.
Some will minuet and shag.
Why I have even see a shimmy and a jig!
The birds know how to move!

The conga line worries me,
for soon I will be
out of seed.
On to the tabletops,
and even the roof
they come to feed.

It is a wild show.
Until Cooper clears the floor.
Here is Dancing with the Stars.
Here I learn everything I need to know.

Let's Dance!

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! A Double Fun Friday! Love the video and the poem spells dance in any language. I can hear the beat, feel the moves!

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

Thank you, this video is very beautiful!



Chrissie said...

Another wonderful video, Sherry. What a varied week you have had! Bees, butterflies and birds in the snow! I love your snowy photos. Thank you for this post :-)

Q said...

Good Morning Gisela,
I am glad you liked "Birds in the snow". I did have many Cardinals yesterday during the snow storm. I too enjoy the birds and love them dearly. I keep thinking I will take photos of the other birds that come but the minute I see a Cardinal I am snapping away. They are so pretty.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
He-he-he!!! I just had a wee poem that popped out! It could use some form work and some revising! Free form best kind.
One-who-rattles got me dancing...

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Did you think it was snowing again?
I have a picture of a female Cardinal that I want to post. She is measuring the snow depth with her beak! Maybe I can do so on Walking in Beauty. I did take a walk about the yard. The birds are fun and so beautiful. Glad you enjoyed this. I do like coming up with the slide shows for Friday. I have all sorts of ideas just need the perfect photos to go with.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Crazy weather! As long as a butterfly and a bee show up I love the warm days! Very hard on all the plants when it is warm/cold. Snow is nice as long as I can stay home and take pictures. We have a winter storm coming in this weekend, freezing rain! Yikes.
My husband can take me about on errands but still I do not like the ice. If the sun comes out a little ice can be very beautiful!
Climate change right here in my backyard in 24 hours!
Try and stay have had wet!
Glad you enjoyed the video.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my are a poet too!! A very talented lady. Isn't it fun when a poem just pops into your mind?!

Mary said...

Good evening, Sherry. I sit here, feeling like bedtime and before I know it, I'm tapping my toes and oooing and ahhing over your Blue Jays, listening to a piece we've heard for all our lives, it seems (love Charlie Brown music). I am wondering how you get those Cardinals to LIGHT UP.

Your "Friday Night at the Movies" gets better each week!

Hugs and thanks,

mon@rch said...

This is wonderful and woodstock is still my favorite brown character. Great photography!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
LOL!! Almost all of my poems are just silly ditties. Once in awhile I will write a serious poem. Most do just pop into my head and I write them down so they leave!
Often when I write a post it becomes a poem.
I guess it is just the way I see the world.
My daughter has a Master's degree in poetics. She has taught me much about poetry. I like free form..anything goes.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Shall we dance???
The "light" is from the snow! I like the way snow and photography can work together. Sometimes it is too bright and other times not bright enough. BUT when it works it looks so pretty.
There are four Blue Jays that come to the feeders in the winter. I seldom see them after their young are raised in late spring. They like acorns and peanuts.
This cd is one of my favorites.
The brown leaved tree in the beginning is my Grandson's tree. It is a Swamp Oak and is across the street from my house. I liked the way it looked in the snow storm.
One of these days you will get rain again. Chris has plenty to share over in England. Maybe she can send you some. My efforts are not working. Sorry about that. I guess Mother Nature is not listening to me.
I am so happy you like Friday Night at the movies. I look forward to making these little videos.
Have a wonderful weekend. Freezing rain is coming to my neck of the woods. Double yikes.

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Woodstock is my favorite too!
Thank you. I never know if using the flash will work out or not. I try all sorts of different things when I work with the snow. Yesterday was fantastic for working on photography. Not only did I have snow but lots of birds as subjects. They were way more interested in the seed than what I was doing.
You have had lots of snow! LOTS.
We recieved about 1.5 inches. At least half of it melted today.

Karen Owen said...

What a delightful video! We don't get much snow here outside Atlanta, and I wish we did especially around Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

Q said...

Dear Karen,
Thank you. You are south of me and I bet seldom see snow! Some years we have lots and other years very little. I never mind too much as long as I can stay around home. The birds come out in force whenever it snows.
Glad you enjoyed the slide show.