Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cardinals on ice

I spent the morning outside with the birds.

I listened to transformers buzz.

I listened to tree branches snap
and crash to the ground.

Finally the rain stopped. Just a break.

I had to come in. My eyes were watering.

Round three is to start this afternoon.

There is beauty in the ice.
There is also much sadness.
Branches in my pines are broken.


Sheila said...

Sherrie, your photos of the birds on the icy branches are probably the best I've ever seen from you. Magnificent..!
I'm so sorry the storm is causing you so much damage. It's ironic that something that can make such a pretty photograph, can be so destructive. Hopefully it will soon pass through.

Chrissie said...

These photos are stunning, Sherry. Absolutely beautiful. What a shame that beauty so often causes harm, the ice can be mean to walk on! I hope you are keeping warm and safe. Enjoy your beautiful birds :-)

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Thank you. Ice can be very lovely to look at. Actually, taking photos in the ice has been rather difficult. Getting the light just right, getting the birds to be in the right spot and keeping the rain off the lens has been a challange. I have no control over any of it! LOL!
It is dark now so I will take a break from the camera. The evening with the ice and all the Christmas lights looks really pretty. I could set up the tripod and take some photos but I am tired. Maybe my husband will want to do some when he gets home.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you. I was telling Sheila how little control I have over the photos! I ventured out onto the yard to refill the feeders and did a penguin walk! No falling!
If the sun comes out tomorrow it will be incredible! Mother Nature is awesome!
I do love the birds.

Mary said...

Sherry, your female Cardinals rely on you. In turn, they post beautifully for you - freezing their tootsies off!

Your photos are remarkable. Hmmmpf. I know, it's the LENS (with you behind it).

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The ladies are lovely.
What a sad day for the trees. I will see what tomorrow brings. The wind has come up, I can hear the branches, with their ice, cracking. It is to be very cold tonight so all the "water" will be more ice!
Taking pictures today was hard. I turned on the outside lights a couple of times when it was too dark for photos. I had thought if it came to it I could shine flashlights up into the feeders!
Enjoy your flip-flops!

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photos! I hope the ice doesn't cause too much trouble. -sigh-


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Thank you for photo compliments!
I did work to get these!
Ice is a huge bother.
I like snow. Ice is just too damaging! It is really cold too.
Snow seems warmer.
I am okay. Surely the sun will come tomorrow.
Thank goodness it stopped raining!

Marvin said...

Your photos are fantastic! It's the extra stress on you, the birds and the trees that's a shame.

Looking for a sunny Thursday here. Surely NOAA wouldn't fib about sunshine.

Q said...

Hi Marvin,
Thanks for the photo compliment. I have had to really work to get decent photos these last couple of days! Our clouds have been low and the light too strange. This afternoon it almost looked lavender. Weird!
My husband assured me we would have sunshine tomorrow. He seldom is wrong about the weather. I will be out early. I would love to get some landscape photos before the sun melts the ice.
If we do get some melting the birds will have plenty of food. I have been putting fresh seed on top of frozen for them.
Ice is very hard on the trees. I have broken branches in the pines trees. Two small evergreens in front are down. I hope they sort of pop up after the ice melts. I expect lots of limbs are down all over the woods and cemetery where I walk.
Glad you are warm and only wet.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from my new computer! Hope you are having a wonderful time in Oregon.
The pictures of the icestorm are awesome! You will be hearing from me a lot!

Q said...

Dear Carol,
I am so happy you have a computer!
So very exciting.
We can share the comings and goings of the birds and the butterflies.
Looking forward to hearing about the birds at your feeders too.