Tuesday, December 11, 2007


After supper last night the
freezing rain began.

We watched as the ice began to accumulate.
We saw the blue-green flashes of light
knowing our power could go off at any time.

This morning crystal gardens greeted me
when I raised the shades.

The freezing rain continued into mid-morning.

I have a sheltered spot out on the deck,
twelve inches for me and a camera.


Deb said...

We are having the same weather Sherry - freezing rain is hitting the windows as I sit at the computer ... Keep safe, warm & dry.

Tumblewords: said...

Lovely pictures. Ice is beautiful but dangerous. We had a similar storm in 1998 and it took months to repair the damage and get back to normal. Scary nature!Stay safe! AND warm! Are you wearing cuddl duds? Me, too! :)

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Of no! Ice is so hard on everything!
You stay safe and warm too. Hope your trees are okay. Pats to Ben.
I shall keep you and yours in my blessings.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you! I knew I would have lots of Cardinals to tell the story of the day so I began with the Blue Jays and the Goldfinches just to add a little bit of variety.
I took lots and lots of pictures today. Too many I am sure!
Ice is beautiful and very scary.
The damage is always devastating to me. Thank goodness my husband will take care of our broken branches. I have lost so many trees in the past in ice storms too.
I am looking at my 40 foot plus, pine trees and just hoping they will be okay. Some branches are broken and some are laying on the ground, heavy with ice.
I have cuddle duds too! Lately I have been buying 100% silk. I really like them. The silk is warm and light under my slacks. It also wicks away any moisture. I went to all natural fiber clothing a few years ago. Sometimes I even can find organic fibers!

Mary said...

Sherry, and I would be huddled into a corner, too. For too long! Please don't slip. Be careful.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I have a tall chair that swivels on the deck. I can wrap up in my blankets and turn this way and that! I also have my coffee in a "to-go" mug. Keeping the rain off the lens and getting enough light was just a few of the dilemmas I had today. I did take a few landscape shots. I need to download the camera and see how they came out.
My mandate is "No Falling!"
Send warm temps! Or at least some sunshine.