Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Northern Clipper

During the night the wind shifted.
Warm, southerly breezes gave way to
the cold, wind from the north.

This afternoon it cooled to down to 30 degrees.
Tonight we will drop into the twenties.
The sun did pop out for a minute,
only to be covered up again by thick grey clouds.
A wintery mix is in our forecast.
These are early winter days.

There is a saying in my area,
"If you don't like the weather
stick around for 24 hours,
it will change."

Local geese fly over the house twice a day.
Herons and crows also are fly overs.
Sometimes helicopters, airplanes and jets
are heard long before they are seen.
It is a busy backyard.

I am not busy.
I do not do busy well.

I have to have time to adjust each day.
I have to have my bird time.
I call it sanity.
I call it peace.
It seldom is quiet.


Tumblewords: said...

Lovely!! As always...

mon@rch said...

Temperatures are in the teens here! Love your photos and especially the mockingbird!

Mary said...

I love your peace, sanity, time. Your photos tell a story well.

The winds kicked up tonight and blew the mealworms off the dish :o/


Catherine said...

Yes, that clipper brought us 4-5 inches of snow today! A very early winter! Beautiful photo's as alway's Q!!
Stay warm!

Marvin said...

That Northern Clipper didn't stop up your direction. Our temps have been falling steadily since mid-morning.

Lovely photos.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you. Snow is coming today!
I will want to bundle up and go out into it. I also will need to make sure all the feeders are full and there is plenty of fresh water.
I may not "do" busy but I "do" weather!

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
You are much colder than I am but I will get there before long!
The Mockingbirds have not been on the deck as much this year as last year. I do put raisins and dried cherries out for them.
Maybe Mockingbird is finding bugs still.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you! I always like it when the photos do the talking.
Mealworms for Blue Birds are the nicest food you can offer for them!
You are so kind to your birds! I bought a mealworm feeder dish at Wildbird. It has holes in the bottom and clips into a small holder that attaches to the feeding station. Mockingbird became so aggressive I had to stop them. Now the Bluebirds stay across the street. I see them sometimes when I walk. Hope I get to see them at your place.
Hold on to your hat!

Q said...

Dear Cat,
'Tis the season for snow!
I will pop over and see if you were able to get photos. It is pretty! The birds always come in droves to the feeders during a weather event. I am getting ready for our snow storm that is suppose to come this afternoon.
I hope I get some photos.
I will bundle up and take my coffee to the deck.
You stay warm and safe too!

Naturegirl said...

Yes our ~bird time~ is so good for the soul..I sit and stare relaxing..
as my visitors amuse me...The top photo is surely a winter sky!peace..NG

Q said...

Dear Anna,
Bird time is as necessary as flowers and poetry! Now when there are butterflies about I am not resting but I am in heaven!
I think you also have a slice of heaven on earth at your house.
Stay warm,

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
I will pop over and see if you received any snow as we did.
It is pretty.
Stay warm,