Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Round Three

The temperatures began to rise a little,
32.3...33.2 degrees.
The rain began again.

I replenished all the feeders.

The ice is heavy.

It is almost too dark for photos
in the middle of the day.

I see lighter skies in the northwest.
Perhaps this storm is moving on.
May it be kinder to those east of me.


DMW said...

Stay warm!

PAT said...

Beautiful, Sherry!

How are you doing with the ice? It's been in mid 30's here today, raining off and on. We didn't lose our power for more than a couple hours at most. And that was when we were away from home. There will be plenty of firewood along the creek, I'm afraid!


Q said...

Dear Dave,
How very good to hear from you.
I am warm and have a generator in the garage just in case! Ice storms are terrible. I can hear the iced branches blowing in the wind. One more round of freezing rain tonight. We will be okay. We will pick up the downed limbs and burn them. The pine I can find vases for and fill the house with more pine boughs.
I do not like ice storms.

Q said...

Dear Pat,
I am glad to know you did not lose power for very long. I heard on the news St. Louis was badly hit too. This storm is on it's way to you. So hope it is warm and only rain.
Stay warm and dry,

Mary said...

I think you have had enough ice, already. I wish you Carolina weather - or, just a little of it. Sunshine would be good to make that ice sparkle!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry, I hope you are thawing out a little bit now. The ice pictures are just gorgeous.

I can just see you waddling out to the feeders. Those birds better appreciate your efforts. Be safe.

mon@rch said...

O my goodness! You guys really did get hit with the ice! Love the use of red with the cardinals! BRAVO

Anonymous said...

Was thinking of you when I was watching the weather last night. I think you had enough ice for the winter. Well at least you got some very good photos out of it.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Way too much ice! I am lucky to still have electricity! Lots of people in my city do not.
My husband did bring a generator home so I will be okay.
Please do send some sunshine!
It would make photos very pretty!
Rainbows and glitter would lift my spirits.
Sherry, who is wearvy of ice

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
No thaw yet! It is freezing mist right now. Very cold tonight too. I think maybe Thursday or Friday things will warm up a bit and we can have some melting!
Thank you for photo compliment. I actually had to work to take pictures. No point and shooting today. I felt like a photographer!
I know the birds do appriciate the seed. It makes life a bit easier for them. After all the loss of habitat it is the least I can do. Plus they are so beautiful! If it wasn't for the birds I do not know what I would do! They bring so much joy into my life!
Penguins are ever so good! They know how to get around in ice!

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
We did get ice. Lots of it!
The red of the Red Bud does go well! Later I took a series of photos of birds in the Red Bud that really came out nice. The ice was a bit thicker and the red bark seemed to shine through. I hope tomorrow the light is a bit brighter.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
We did get enough for a few winters! I do not like ice! I do fine with snow.
Thanks for thinking of me.
Send warmth and some sun.

Barbara said...

Fantastic! Beautiful pictures like out of a winter fairy tale with courageous and proud birds as protagonists. Every time it is a great pleasure to visit your blog!

smilnsigh said...

I'm glad the storm is moving on. But it certainly afforded you some wonderful photo ops.


Q said...

Dear Barbara,
It is rather unworldly! The birds are having a difficult time. All of their seed is covered in ice! I keep putting warm seed out for them.
I love the idea of it being a winter fairy tale..Now I am waiting for the sun fairy to come and warm things up a bit. Perhaps if I think of this ice storm as a fantastic fairy tale I will be able to stay excited for the next chapter.
Thank you for your kind encouragement. The birds ARE brave and courageous to stay here for the winter.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
It is beautiful in a certain sort of way. Taking photos has been rather hard. The light is off. The clouds are too low and the gray too gray. I think I might try taking a flashlight out and see if I can get some brightness going. I have tried turning the outside lights on and they do help some.
Sunshine would be the best!