Saturday, December 15, 2007


It was snowing lightly when I awoke.
It continued throughout the day.

My husband and I trimmed our family tree.
We listened to Christmas carols.
We baked cookies together.

The birds came to the gardens.
They came to the feeding stations.
They came to the deck and the porch.

Lots and lots of birds.
I filled the feeders twice.
I scattered seed all over the deck.

We watched the birds and ate our cookies.


Naturegirl said...

Sherry one of my daily routines now that I am laid up on the second floor of my home healing will be to come by with my crutches to sit and take energy from the wonderful scenes of Natures gifts that you so beautifully capture on film!
I am deeply touched by your burning candle you mentioned to me..I light a candle in your name and feel the energy cross paths into the universe!!Gee I am blessed in meeting you through our blogging!
hugs hop along NG xoxox

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry, we got our first snow today. Yipeee... It has been raining ever since the snow stopped this a.m. UGH

Your photos are so sharp. Just lovely.

Q said...

Dear Anna,
Blessings, blessings and more blessings! So glad your bones are healthy and your break was a clean one. You will heal, dear friend.
We are connected! I love our lights crossing paths. Your energy of hope and kindness warms my heart and soul.
I hope Santa brings you roses! Big vases full of roses to keep your spirits up.
I will be here!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I sat outside off and on, in the snow, with the birds. When I did get cold I would come in and warm up! Snow is lovely.
Glad you had your first snow. "Yipeee" is right. I always make a wish on the first snow.
Do so hope your rain is rain and does not freeze!
Stay warm and dry.

dmmgmfm said...

It sounds like a wonderful day to me.

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
We had a very fun day!
This was the first time my husband and I baked cookies togehter. Last week we made muffins together. I would love for him to retire. I miss him during the week when he is at work.
The snow kept us from walking. Tomorrow we will get out. I would love to get some snow landscape photos.

Marvin said...

Beautiful bird photos as usual. It sounds as if you and your husband had a wonderful day.

I hesitate to say that we received our first snow Saturday, but there was a brief period when you could see snow mixed with rain and sleet in the air. Messy!

Jayne said...

What a perfect day Sherry. Cookies, snow, and sweet birdies! Stay warm.

Chrissie said...

Are you sure you didn't sit and watch the birds eat your cookies too? I know you will have given them tasty treats :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
I sure hope you never get ice. Yikes, it is terrible. Snow is pretty but I like rain the best. I do find the weather events make for great photos. Lots of birds too. Lots, 200-250..lots for my backyard.
Once all the snow melts the birds will be able to find seeds and food out in the woods and cemetery. Also I think many of the neighbors feed the birds just not when it is icy or snowy.
My husband and I had a very fun day! After 35 years he wants to learn to bake! I bet when he retires he will enjoy cooking and baking and puttering around the house.
I will be out with the birds or the butterflies.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
We did have fun. Putting the tree up is always a party day! As long as I have my bird time I am happy too. We also started our winter cribbage tournament. We play in the evenings until spring.
I just might edit this post to include a photo of the cribbage board. Hmmmm....
You have so many different different birds at your feeders. I saw a Kinglet but was unable to get a picture. Lots of woodpeckers. Whenever I see the Hairy I think of you.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
LOL!!! We did give the Starlings bread hoping they would stay off the nuts! I put out lots of rasins, dried cherries and apples and corn.
It is cold, 13 degrees this morning.. That would be about -10 at your house! Too cold to walk. Warming up this afternoon and into the week so I hope to be able to get outside and go on my walk abouts.
Enjoy your time off work.
Happy Winter Holiday!

smilnsigh said...

Sounds like a perfect day. And you have the perfect photos too. :-)

And yet again, I come here, and I scoop up Peace. I scoop up the desire to drop stress, and the wisdom to seek Peace.

I've been stressing over the fact that some blogging change, no longer let's me put a photo of my 'Frosted Rose' in my Header.

Now I admit, I was a bit toooo proud of that photo. And loved it being up there, when people clicked on my main blog. :-)

And now a plain box greets people. :-( But those who can Photo Shop, can get around the new blogger rule.

Mmmm... unfair! Unfair! I polished my armour and saddled up my white steed and went forth in Blog Land, to do battle over such an affront!

Are you chuckling yet?

You should be.

Silly, silly me. How totally silly for me to be wasting time on such, when I should be wrapping presents and baking some goodies. We are in the middle of a snow-turning-to-ice Nor'easter
storm and I am fretting over some silly blogging thing! Mmmm, did someone say unbelievable? :-)))

Yes. Unbelievable.

But luckily, I came here and read here. The lights came on in my brain. My sanity returned. The magic of 'Q's Corner' has worked again.

Thank you Dear Sherry. I hope you feel my thanks coming to you, all the rest of the day. While I make fun use of my time. Instead of making silly fretting use, of it.


Saucy said...

I've never seen a real live Cardinal - just the baseball playing type!

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I did get tickled! It is so easy to become all a twitter over the little things that are annoying in life. I also can become very frustrated with Blogger!
I value my serenity and so after a couple of minutes of frustration I just let it go.
The birds call me and I forget what ever it was that was so
It pleases me very much that Corner brought you some peace of mind. That is one of the reasons I do this. I take my pictures and post them. I tell the little story of my quiet life. No stress, no strain, no worries! I just let it all go.
Your frosted rose is a very lovely photo. Perhaps you can print it and frame it for your home. Maybe it can be your desktop. Maybe Blogger will change again and Frosted Rose can once again be your header. Anything is possible.
Do what you can do and than move on.
I treasure my peaceful ways.
Thank you for your gratitude. I do feel it. I do appriciate you letting me know you find peace here.
Stay warm and safe. Winter weather can be beautiful.
Thank you for the photo compliment. I do enjoy being with the birds.
I am glad they bring a sense of peace and serentity to you too.
What ever you are doing just enjoy it. Even if what you are doing is getting after Blogger. Have fun with it!
Hugs and luvs,
Thanks for the laugh.

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
If you were at my house you would see lots and lots of Cardinals. An entire teams worth I would say!
Have a very delightful Winter Holiday.

Julie said...

Thank you for this quiet little interlude with nature during the Christmas rush.


Q said...

Dear Julie Marie,
So nice to meet you!
You are welcome. I do need the birds and trees to keep my balance.
Hope your Holidays are filled with peace and joy.

Mary said...


So sweet. Lovely snow, baking in the kitchen, watching the birds. I am waiting for my male Downy... and, is the second photo a Purple Finch, Male House Finch, or a SPINCH?

While everyone is having snow, I had an inch of rain and many birds, too! No complaining here.

You are the ice and snow queen.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
My husband and I did have a fun day.
The temps are rising and the ice and snow are melting now! Yeah, for melting.
It can be very pretty. I have a few thousand photos to remind me how lovely it was.
I think the second picture is a Purple Finch but around my house I call them all Mary's Spinches!
I am so happy to hear you had real rain! You have been so dry for so long. Maybe you will get another inch very soon. Being 16 inches behind might take a few rain storms to catch up.
If I could give you just one gift it would be the end of the drought.
As the Ice and Snow Queen I declare: "Ice and snow here, melt. Rain to Mary!"
I am not very good at Queenship. I bow and give my crown to those who live north of me. Perhaps Mari-Nanci would wear the crown. She has big snow. My little 2.5 inches is just a sneeze for those who live up North.
Stay wet!

Anonymous said...

Dear Q ~ What a delightful snow day. Birds galore - oh what fun.

meggie said...

I came for a quick visit, from Smile'n'sigh. I stayed for your whole page.
What a fantastic blog.

Q said...

Dear Whirly,
What a delightful name you have!
Birds, birds and more birds!
My goodness, the yard was so full I was concerned. They figured themselves out and everyone seemed to get plenty of food.
With all the melting and warmer temps now the birds should be fine until the next weather event. I will keep the feeders full and water defrosted.
Bird songs,

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I am so happy to meet you!
Glad you enjoyed the little essays.
Mari-Nanci was very kind to mention Corner as a place she finds serenity.
We do take life a bit slower around here. Lots of tea and cakes and always birds.