Thursday, December 13, 2007


The waxing Crescent Moon
beckoned to me.

I wanted to watch the sunset.

The geese flew over.
The Cardinals came to feed.

All afternoon the air
has been filled with shimmering light.

Lots of the ice melted today.
If it does snow tomorrow the trees
will not be so laden with ice.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am happy for your plants and trees that the ice did melt. Hopefully you won't have too much damage.

smilnsigh said...

I'm so glad you had light...

Here, we had snow. No moon for me. :-) But I know she is up there.

And your photos are majestic! Please be careful out on the ice though. Dear Anna fell and broke her ankle... -sigh- I don't know how she fell. But the first thing one thinks of, in Winter, is ... was it because of the weather?


mon@rch said...

I missed this evening moon since we had a snow storm pushing through! YOu always do such a wonderful job documenting your day! Keep up the great work!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Not all the ice melted but lots did! We have a snow storm coming tonight and into the weekend. 4-6 inches of snow is expected. I worry about the weight of all of that. Maybe today the trees can shake the rest of the ice. I saw a few limbs down when I walked yesterday. I have some broken branches in my front white pine trees.
I did hear lots of branches breaking during the ice storm. If I can I would like to walk up to the woods later.
Maybe we are getting the worst of the winter weather now and January and February will be more pleasant!
I can always hope.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Gardengirl was very kind to let me know Anna had fallen and was having surgery. Her poor ankle. Mary had a broken ankle and had the pins and such. Long recovery. Anna is in my blessings.
Yes, as soon as I hear someone has fallen I wonder if it was ice or snow too. We must be careful. I am not very old but I do not want to fall. I have these very good heavy duty snow and ice boots I wear. Plus I walk like a penguin! Thank you for your care.
LIGHT! It has been so dark these past few days. Having the sunshine made all the difference.
You stay safe too. No falling!

Q said...

Hi Tom,
I will pop over and see your snow. I wished I had some lovely landscape to photograph. Powerlines, stop signs and houses is not my idea of a lovely landscape. I went with trees. They are lovely. If we do get a heavy snow fall my husband might take me out and about for those sweeping views.
Miss Moon was beautiful! Maybe because it has been cloudy for so long!
Some days I do take lots and lots of pictures. When I come in to download and get a fresh battery I often will post. It does end up being a day in pictures.
The sun is up. I see shadows. Time to feed the birds.

Julie said...

I found your blog through Mari-Nanci. The photo of the trees is awesome!


Q said...

Dear Julie Marie,
Thank you for coming over. The ice and snow, with the sun, did create a fantastic light show!
Nature does decorate the landscape beautifully!