Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On the way

The Hummingbirds are on their way.
They are expected to be in my area the middle of April.
This afternoon my husband prepared a garden spot to plant our potatoes.
We will put them in on Sunday.
The ground is still very moist.
It warmed to 77 degrees F (25 C) this afternoon. Too warm too soon! Storms are brewing. Rain and cold is coming in.

Too many Cardinal feathers let me know
to expect one less male at the feeders tonight.

The robins sing their evening songs.

It is time for me to go walking with my husband.
Twilight is our time.


Anonymous said...

Hummingbirds on their way???
Hope they take their time before arriving in our area..
Wonderful pictures..
You wrote, that you have two Bamboos? Do you know the names of the plants??
cheers Gisela

Anonymous said...

Hummingbirds not expected in my area until the week of April 28 for my area. The way the weather has been going around here, they better wait a week before showing up.

What site did you get that info from?

Anonymous said...

Hope they take their time since we still have snow on the group! With that said . . . I can't wait till they return!

Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

Let's cheer for the hummingbirds return, Sherry! Your tropical temps should suit them very well :o) No one wants to see a Cardinal sad.

Enjoy your walk on a balmy night. Isn't it nice to wait for a storm? At least it won't be ice or snow. I love this post :o)


Naturegirl said...

I certainly hope some of the hummers stay here in AZ so I can enjoy them..saw my first the other day just behind my right shoulder..didn't have my camera!!
Ahh.. isn't that heat just wonderful!
I enjoyed 84F today!! sunkissed NG

Cheryl said...

Hummingbirds, I am so jealous, they are beautiful.
Walking with your husband in twilight, how romantic.....
Have fun, not long to the 17th.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I always look for hummers when our columbine begin to bloom. They arrive here shortly after.

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
Hummers will be in my area in about a month.
Thank you! A little different on the pictures today.
I do grow two different types of Bamboo. I do not have their names. One is a big plant and the other a tiny bamboo. We bought the plants from a local Chinese man who did not speak English and did not know the names of either plant. I will do a post on Bamboo. I think I did one last year. Hummm...
I use the Bamboo and enjoy the sounds of it blowing in the wind.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Once the southern breeze takes over the snow melts fast and the Hummers will find your feeders!
The map came from a search of Hummingbird Migration. I think that was the name of the site. I have it on my favorites and check every so often.

Q said...

Dear Tom,
I hope you take some movies of the Hummers again this year. You had a group of them last year. I only get a few. Lots of my neighbors feed the Hummingbirds. I love that! Hummingbirds for everyone.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Balmy one day - Artic the next!
I live in Missouri where the weather can change in a heart beat. We easily could get snow! It just won't last very long.
I went to Wild Bird for some bird things and bought a new Oriole feeder and a new Hummingbird feeder. I always love the fancy ones but the racoons have broken too many of them. The ones I bought yesterday are guaranteed against breakage.
Once the evenings warm up a bit my husband and I go walking. I love our twilight stroll.

Q said...

Dear Anna,
So happy you are soaking up needed sunshine.
I think Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are the ones that the migration map follows. Arizonia keeps her Hummers all year long!
We cannot take pictures of everything! Sometimes we just have to sit back and enjoy!
Glad you are doing just that.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
My husband and I are romantics.
We also enjoy dusk. We walk together when the weather permits. If I want to take pictures I walk during the day while he is at work. I need lots of walking to rebuild my strenth.
I am looking forward to my Spring rejuvination time at the spa.
I am ready to start packing!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Great way of knowing when the Hummers will arrive. I always seem to be surprised!

Deb said...

Hummingbirds on their way - how exciting! We don't get many in our garden. This summer I will hang more "red" plants and try to lure them our way :-}

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I usually have one or two pairs in the gardens.
I get to know them that way!
Mine always like zinnias. I would like to grow a trumpet vine for the hummers. My neighbor has one and she has many, many Hummingbirds!
Theya re jewels!