Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Speaking up

For the last few years every so often I would get an e-mail
telling me about climate trouble or a wild life species that is in danger.
Lately I have been getting notices that all sorts of wildlife are being killed.
Mass slaughtering.

I do not understand why people would kill wild animals.
I do not understand.

Join with me and the Defenders Of Wildlife.
This must stop!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Noone understands this behavior.

Anonymous said...

..that is what the human race does.
Scientifically speaking humans are in the apex of food chain and hence indulge in killing other animals for their comfort and survival.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
It is so sad! In the past I have tried not to get involved too much because I get too upset. I sign petitions and try to speak up but I feel as if I am only a small little voice.
I think I will speak up a bit more. I think I will do even more towards living a sustainable life. Not sure exactly what that will be but I will think about it.

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
I feel so sad about this state of humanity! It has been hard for me to identify being human. I like the birds and the butterflies...lately I have worked on accepting my "human-ness." The mass slaughtering of wild species is not acceptable. When will humans begin living in harmony???
My little spot here feels as if it is heaven on earth...maybe I need to open my arms up and include a larger area....
There are lots of us that love nature. I think I will do more voting with my pocket book and only buy from "green" companies. Plus, I think I will pass along the "news" and stand up a bit taller for the wild life.

Chrissie said...

Hello, Sherry. I don't understand either. I can see the need for people to eat, but when its done for sport it is so sad. Often its not only one species that is affected but it has a knock on effect for others. It is great that so many people, like you, are doing everything they can to try to counter balance the harm.

Mel said...

Maybe all the killing was always done like that, only we can hear or know about it because of better and faster access to the information.
Anyway, it is sad that lots of people just don't care, even with the info in hand :(
But is nice to know that there is other group, maybe smaller, but full of caring people who WILL make a difference.
Cheer up! We'll do something, one way or the other!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I was telling my husband last night I think we need to do more!
With enough public outrage things could change. The killing of the wolves and the buffalo is horrible. It is not for food but to protect grazing lands and ranches.
I am a vegan! Plant based person. People behaving like this makes me very proud to be a vegan!
Maybe I could do a "Be a Vegan save a wolf" project! LOL!
I normally do not speak too much about these sort of things. Maybe once in awhile we can do an awareness day!
You care too Chris and for that I am so grateful!

Q said...

Dear Mel,
I think you are right. I think humans have been killing species after species for many years...some birds are extinct because their feathers were sought after for ladies hats! This makes no sense to me at all...
Plus, we already did this stupid thing. Why keep doing it??
What is wrong with the human race. Do they not learn???
I get all riled up!
Thank you for being a person who cares. I trust the younger people will do something. My generation is just so stupid!
I do care, lots!
Sherry, who sometimes gets her feathers ruffled

Deb said...

Thank you for the link Sherry. Animal welfare is a cause I (and my family) are passionate about. It is hard to imagine how anyone could harm an animal.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I think we may need to speak up more often. I too am a animal welfare person and lover of the natural world. I try and live as green as I can but maybe I can do more!
Cheryl has inspired me to be a bee keeper. Mother Nature insoired me to plant native...what can I do to help the wild animals?
I think maybe be more vocal? Maybe Corner could host awareness days. I am thinking about how to raise my voice a bit louder!
Thank you for standing with me on this. If enough of us raise our voices maybe the senseless killings will stop.