Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rainy Morning

I awoke to the sounds of thunder.

We needed rain.

I stayed inside and worked with my notes from last night's teleconference.
I worked on a post for Ayurveda Way.
I did a bit of on line shopping.
I did not notice the rain had stopped.

The Orioles came up to the deck to let me know.

They wanted their morning jelly.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We are to get the rain this evening. Your Orioles are a little spoiled aren't they? They deserve to be. They are great company and are so beautiful.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I think you have had lots more rain this past month than we have. Hope you are not over wet. Stay dry and warm We are rather chilly...
The Orioles are spoilt. I love that! I did have a dozen coming to the jellies, now only a pair. I know they will be moving on soon. I have enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that rain is needed but I know around here we are also ready for some summer weather to finally show up! I always enjoy your photos, keep up the great work!

Q said...

Hi Tom,
We needed rain. It has been cool and sunny so that is nice.
I was hoping some rain would moisten the soil so I could plant some seeds. I know I will be needing flowers soon for the butterflies. It will warm up before too long.

Mary said...

The first photos is FANTASTIC! I might need to come back to it if we don't get some rain soon.

I care not to look at Orioles :o)

Hugs to you,
Testy Mary

Q said...

Dear Testy Mary, Goddess of the endless summer,
I will start my rain dance again for you!
I think I am good on rain for awhile. I like to have an inch a week. I do not always get what I want!
My husband and I were able to get some seed planted. Looks as if I will have food this summer.
Thinking rain,