Friday, November 07, 2008

Rising Wind


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is so appropriate for this weekend Sherry. The winds that are supposed to bring in the cold is ramping up as I type.

Your photos are beautiful as ever. I meant to say that the grackle picture is one of the best of grackle pictures I have seen. It caputres all the different colors of a grackle. Even its, what I call, evil yellow eye.

Cheryl said...

Dear disappointed I could not get the sound, for some reason.....I am going to come back later and try again.......

Anonymous said...

The haunting sound of the flute and the swirling leaves really captures this time of the season.
Happy felting! Hugs~carol

Rose said...

As always, Sherry, such lovely photos. This slide show with its flute music is so peaceful and serene; I could imagine doing my Tai Chi routine to the music and viewing all these images. I feel calmer already. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tumblewords: said...

So beautiful and reflective. I was swept away by the music and photography and it took me a minute to re-enter the regular world... Thanks for the journey, Sherry...

marmee said...

you are genius at these slideshows...the music combined with your photography...simply amazing!!!
i agree with lisa on the grackle photos, as pesky as they can be, you were certainly able to capture the beauty of it's being.
would you say that was a baby?

Cheryl said...

Totally spellbound am I....the flute is a very hypnotic always Sherry beautifully put together.......
the mists for me hold a magic of their own.......
my Fridays would not be the same without this visit......

Wendy said...

I'll start with the end. I loved the ending - that last pic of the evening sky. I also like the deep quality of the flute. Hypnotic Cheryl said. I agree.
And I'll take Rose's advice and do my tai chi to this music. It really is serene and peaceful. Loved the little birdies too.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. Which shows you really need to start your almanac back up again. I miss it.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Dan Kilgore is a local musician who plays the Native American flute. This 2008 recording, "Rising Wind", is off the cd "Silver Solitude".
I also have been having high winds.
In November I celebrate the Native American. Their knowledge of nature and her teachings are so beautiful.
The Grackles are colorful. A few are never a problem at the feeders. If a flock comes ther eis trouble! I enjoy watching them in the spring do their mating call and wing displays.
Like the Starlings and Crows the Grackles seem to be mis-understood birds.
Thank you!
Stay warm this weekend. Our temps are in the low 30's!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Sometimes I think it takes awhile for the slide shows to "download"
they are big files with all the photos and the music!
Glad it did go for you. I think the Native flute music is hauntingly beautiful. This piece spoke to me. The wind and the sound of the leaves blowing sounds just like my backyard.
Having the dense fog last Saturday set the tone for htis show and my week. A week filled with happy magic!
Thank you! Slide shows are fun for me too. I look forward to creating them each week.
Happy weekend,

Q said...

Dear Carol,
I also think the Native flute sounds haunting in this piece! It seemed to fit in with the fog!
I am so smitten with felting!
Did two more pieces. I am getting ready for my next project, show and tell on Tuesday!
I was wonderfing if you received any of the snow I heard about? It is cold here. I almost thought this afternnon we could receive some snow felt so cold in the wind...
Have a delightful weekend.

Q said...

Dear Rose,
It pleases me so very much to know my slide show is giving peace and calm! Just like I hope. Maybe even a smile once in awhile.
Thank you for enjoying them. I delight in putting them together.
Thank you...may you also have a great weekend.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
The power of the flute!
Thank you...I was hoping this show would transport...

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Ahhh, thank you!
Being the producer is fun!
Nice way to recap the week too. Grackles all look the same to me.
I do not know if this one was an adult or a juvenile.
Lisa might know.
Thanks again.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
So glad the music touched your spirit.
I also am drawn tot he sond of the flute...
Thank you.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
LOL...I just might do that. I was shocked at how many hours it took to do a three minute narration!
When I quit I had run out of that I am feeling alive, awake and alert again I just might pick it back up. I will let you know if I do!
Thank you for your support. It means the world to me.

Grammy said...

I love this it is so inspiring and brings out the fall colors and joy. I love the artist cap you made too. My daughter is finally moved this way so I have not been on much this week. It is so nice to not be alone in a small town any more. Have a great weekend. Big hug.

Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

You are the bomb. So moody. You put me in a trance. Those Cooper's eyes...

Have you considered contacting Natgeo?


Q said...

Dear Grammy,
So very nice your daughter is near. It makes all the difference in the world when our loved ones are near by. I miss my kids....they both live very far away. We do get to chat often which is nice.
With November in full swing I am thinking about my winter activities. I hope we have a few warm days around Thanksgiving. I look forward to Indian Summer.
All my relations,

Q said...

Dear Mary,
So glad this slide show was spell- binding for you! I think of you often. I am glad that you sat and sipped the sweetness of life for a few minutes. Relaxing is good!
I would be happy to send Natgeo a cd of backyard birds and bugs!! They could start a new section each month, "animal habitat in the city"!
I had not posted a picture of Cooper for a few months. I think he is a grand bird. My backyard serves Dove and House Sparrow a couple times a day!
Thank you Mary for your support and friendship.

Anonymous said...

dear Q,
i just found you this morn as i was looking up photos of the full beaver moon. i am enchanted by your blog and your life. you have given me great inspiration that i too can find some solitude and serenity through my photos and learning to knit. i am curious about what program you use to make your slide shows, i am planning on making cds of my photos for friends for Solstice and would appreciate any help you can give. thank you so much for sharing yourself with others.

Q said...

Dear Splendid,
Welcome to Corner! So happy to meet you.
I would love to share with you the way I make the slide shows. I use the program "Photostory". It was a free download. I just google searched "photostory" to find it.
Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.
I hope you do take up knitting. Cottage crafts are the best.
I receive much joy from photographing nature. The birds and bugs in my backyard are my friends.
I am looking forward to visiting your journal and getting to know you.

Silver Wind said...

Dear sherry... I came across this slide show "rising Wind" today. I very much enjoyed the photo slide show with the music. A very nice added touch. Well Done! - Dan Kilgore

I am curious how you came by the music? Sales have been local and somewhat limited since I have no website to promote the CDs.

I am glad so many have enjoyed it, and your photos.