Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too cold to play

An Orange Sulphur butterfly was laying
on the driveway this morning.
It was 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Too cold for butterflies.

My husband brought her in.
She warmed up.

She flew about, perching where she was comfortable.

I have set out nectar pots for her.
It is too cold for her to go outside.
Maybe Indian Summer will return and
Orange Sulphur can find a warm spot outdoors to over winter.
If not she is welcome to stay inside with me.


kkryno said...

With any luck, she can stay with you for the winter. I'm sure she'll love it!

Have a good weekend.


Cheryl said...

Dear are two very beautiful people......I am honoured to know you both.......
She will be safe with you, I know.......

Anonymous said...

With hearts like yours and Mike's the world is safe. . .carol

marmee said...

dear sherry,

how very wonderful.
what are nectar pots and what do you put in them? i am assuming nectar but is that something like the hummingbird nectar you put in their feeders?
i find it intriguing to think about have a live butterfly flitting around in your house. hope she does well!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor little thing. It is lucky you found her. I bet she is wondering where in the world she woke up. "Is this a dream?"

Wendy said...

Sweet little butterfly. I must agree - it's too cold outside. I hope she stays for a long time.

Mary said...

I wonder if she will stay? I hope so :o) Be careful with the vacuum cleaner, please.


Q said...

Dear Vikki,
I have been looking all over for her this morning! I do not know where she went.
Maybe she is still sleeping.
I might have to go get her some flowers.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I think Miss Sulphur was accidently caught out in the cold.
When my husband brought her in she was too cold to stand up. I warmed her in my hands and sat her on the counter. Once she was able to fly she flew to the windows. Even by the windows it was too cold.
I was tickled when she flew about the house and came into my office. I wondered if the shape of the butterfly stamp caught her eye?
She is welcome to stay. I wish I could find her this morning!
I do love the butterflies.

Q said...

Dear Carol,
Oh, thank you! We try.

Q said...

Dear MArmee,
Nectar pots are any small container you put sugar water in for the bugs. I do them when I am low on flowers for the bees and butterflies.
I would not mind having lots of butterflies overwintering inside...if they want to.
I know sugar water is not a very good food source for them. I would have to come up with more indoor blooming plants for over wintering butterflies.
It is suppose to warm up into the mid 50's today...that is warm enough for butterflies. If it does warm up I will let her out. She can find a warm spot in the wood pile.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I would think the inside experience is very strange indeed for her.
I cannot find her this morning.
I guess she will show up at some point!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I think having butterflies inside during the winter would be so delightful. I would have to change the name of my house from "Dragonfly Suites" to "Butterfly Haven".

marmee said...

sherry, i am always full of ?'s. thanks for being patient.
hopefully your b/friend will be happy to go outside.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You have a butterfly roaming about your house. I do hope you find her or him. If you do, you might want confine he or she to a room. Less chance of something bad happening.

Rose said...

Sherry, I do hope you find her! I think Buttefly Haven is the perfect name for your home. She is lucky to have found you:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Butterflies inside does sound lovely. Unfortunately my cats would consider them sport.

ChrisND said...

A lovely story...I wondered about the butterfly finding such an appropriate perch to show off. It would be great to be able to have an indoor preserve...

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I did find Miss Sulphur. She did not make it through the night. I have her in my butterfly box now.
She spent her last day with me.
I was honored to have her about.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I did think if she did not show up soon for food she would die. When I found her she was laying on the floor. I guess she had perched up someplace and fell when she died.
It was nice to have her about.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear that your butterfly didn't survived. :( That is a shame.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
My husband and talked about having inside habitat for the butterflies.
I could do more. Maybe next year I will grow blooming vines again for my living curtains. I did not bring plants in this year.
I enjoyed Miss Sulphur so very much that inside butterflies just might be the ticket to hold winter depression at bay.

Q said...

Dear Rose,
She had one extra day! Outside was so cold she would not have made it. I think it was time for her to die. I enjoyed her and she seemed to be happy.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Thank you.
It was fun to have her about.
I think my husband enjoyed her as much as I did.

Q said...

Dear Marnie,
Cats and birds would enjoy the chase!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I laughed when Miss Sulphur landed on the stamps. Glad I had the camera at the ready!