Wednesday, December 10, 2008

11 degrees Fahrenheit

It was 11 degrees Fahrenheit, -12 degrees Celsius,
when I went to feed the birds this morning.
The sun was shining which added at least ten degrees to how the air felt.
No wind, so I added another ten!
Silk long underwear and two wool blankets would give me another 20.
I knew I would be warm.
My enthusiasm for the day was worth at least 30 degrees.

Being with the birds this morning was exciting.
The light was so bright the camera and I both wore sun shades.

We had strong northern winds yesterday.

I was hoping they would help the Pine Siskins to arrive.

They did!

These are darling little birds. I saw a dozen this morning.
They are on their way to Mexico for the winter.
I am so pleased they remembered my backyard from last year for a resting spot.
I am going back outside so I can be with them.
They will not be around for very long and I really want to get all the
news from Canada.


Wendy said...

I think I'll just jump on their backs and go to Mexico too!!
You do have a good way of staying warm.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I think the camera's a keeper.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I am looking forward to seeing more migrators now that we are almost in Winter.
My friend was telling me about some hot pads she uses...on my list. Will let you know when I get them.

Q said...

Dear Wren,
I think so too!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Amazing shot of the blue jay! Stunning!

Q said...

Dear Robin,
Thank you. The Jays just love their peanuts.