Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Time is Here


Lisa at Greenbow said...

A soothing interlude in the Christmas season. Thanks so much Sherry and a very Merry Christmas to you too.

Rose said...

This is the perfect music to accompany your beautiful bird pictures today, Sherry. Your birds look so contented and well-fed despite the freezing temperatures. They know where to go for their Christmas dinner:)

We had freezing rain last night; all the schools are closed, but fortunately we have power.

Thanks for your comment this morning; how exciting to have a friend who was the featured author at the Poisoned Pen! I will check out one of her books.

Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas, Sherry.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The Vince Guaraldi Trio treats us with the song, "Christmas Time is Here." It is from the sound track, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Woodstock is my favorite character.
I hope you and yours are enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I am staying home this year spending the holidays with the birds.
'tis the season of light,

Q said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you. The birds DO know. I think they are inviting their second and third cousins in for the feast.
I think you will enjoy Sandi's mystery series. I love the characters and her stories are full of American Indian lore.
Exciting too.
It warmed up over night and we had thundershowers. Freezing rain is so hard on everyone. It passed me by this time. Temperatures are dropping now. My power was off for a few hours in the early morning.
Do stay safe and warm.
May you also have a blessed Christmas.
Love and light,

Deb said...

Beautiful! I loved the Charlie Brown Christmas music too! A family favourite for us as well. My son and I watched it on Wednesday :-) We pulled out the old DVD's and found one from Christmas '95. We had as much fun watching all the commercials!

Cheryl said...

A Happy Christmas to you to Sherry....I have just had such a mellow moment......
The female cardinal sitting on the post in the snow is so beautiful.....I could just sit and look at that image.......the quality and softness of the photographs is lovely.......
Your birds are so do well Sherry to keep them fed and watered....I know that it takes time to tend the wild birds........

Today is sunny and bright.....the sky has no clouds....just endless blue......

Mr P is taking me to the garden centre tomorrow.....he wants to buy a special plant or tree as a Christmas gift......I am looking forward to this....I need little, but trees or plants for my garden are a treasured gift....

By the way I have finished Janet Marsh's Nature Diary......I loved it and walked her journey with her.....

I am now reading my bee book and I am captivated......I can't put it down......this book will be very special to me........I have good feelings each time I pick it up to read........tku so much......

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a lovely, quiet moment in my hectic morning. Thank you and my very best wishes for happy holiday season.

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderfully warm and special video, Sherry! Thank you... May the joys of the Season be yours!

More than three feet of snow here in 24 hours and still falling - temperatures are frigid - highs in the single digits and lows in the minus singles. Haven't seen a bird, cat or human for several days! :)

Anonymous said...

What a gift the birds are! They move one's heart and soul. You are gifted with such a variety at your house. They know they are welcome and will find treats!
We had freezing rain here too last night~the trees sparkle with their icey decorations. It's Christmas everywhere!
Love and hugs~carol

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a gift to all of us. Thank you so much. My husband and I both enjoyed calming and perfect! Merry Christmas to YOU!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Each one of the songs on the cd brought back memories for me too. You and I are so very connected. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas.
Hugs to Kate for me.
Missing Benny,

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I also love the pictures of the female Cardinal in the snow. There is one that is a soft brown with cinnamon sprinkles on her feathers. She is so beautiful.
I do spend lots of time tending to the winter birds. Not only do they have all of their seed trays and suet and water everyday but they have their fruit bowls and mixed nuts!
I also have corn and oatmeal for them. They do make a mess too! Mother Nature is nice to wash away some of the debris and she will blow away the spent shells sometimes. What she leaves my husband will sweep or vacuum up.
Your husband is so thoughtful He knows what your heart beats fast for! I am sure he treasures you.
So glad you enjoyed Janet Marsh's journal. Yours will be even more interesting. Please fell free to pass this book along to others you think will enjoy it.
Looking forward to reading your Garden Journal! I am writing every day in the book, "Inspirations" you sent. I am inspired too!
I am visualizing my Studio.... felting and watching my tree grow!
We do share the love of the bees and the butterflies and the birds...and the trees..
You are so welcome.
Thank you for your gifts. My seed book and butterfly book are under my Christmas tree...special gifts from my special friend.
Thank you for you support and kind ways.
No words.

Q said...

Dear Marnie,
Glad you are able to grab a few moments to relax. It is a busy time of year.
Have a blessed Christmas,

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Oh my goodness! I read about a big storm that came through the Northwest. My daughter lives in Portland, Or. and they had snow...
You really have snow.
Do be careful! May your poems keep you warm and cheerful. I would be very lonely without my birds...

I shall come visit. Hope your internet stays up! Yeah for cable and cocoa!
Happy Holidays to you too.

Q said...

Dear Carol,
I bet it is beutiful!Be extra careful! Our rain never did become ice, thank goodness. I always think the ice is lovely and dangerous...
The birds do fill my heart and soul.
I love them all.
Happy Christmas,

Q said...

Dear Lavender Dreamer,
You are very welcome. I cannot serve you eggnog or cocoa so I serve a joyful helping of birds!
Have a blessed holiday.
Thank you. I will be home with the birds this year.

marmee said...

that was great, love the c/b music. it is so familiar it is comfortable. all your birds are in their haven with you keeping them well fed.
have a most merry christmas, sherry

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Thank you. Happy Christmas to you and yours.
I would like to bake some cookies tomorrow. Maybe my husband will bake with me!

Wendy said...

Very soothing and serene. Nice to spend some quiet time in a hectic, busy time of year. Those little birds are well looked after in your yard. They look so fat and ready for winter.
Have a nice weekend, stay warm and safe.
Thank you for the lovely card. Happy holidays to you!
Love & Light

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
So glad you enjoyed the card.
Hope you also have a nice weekend.
I am going to a Holiday party on Sunday. It will be nice to see family.
May you also stay warm. Bitter cold is coming again my way.
The birds will be hungry!
Love and light,

Anonymous said...

Great video. Merry Christmas to you too.

Jeanne said...

Merry Christmas sweet lady.
Love Jeanne

Q said...

Dear Scienceguy,
Thank you.
Hope you and yours have a
Happy Christmas.

Jan said...

Hello Q, How on earth have I missed your blog? You are speaking my language with these bird photos here! This is right up my alley! I have SOOO many birds in my garden, and I've only posted a few so far! I love watching my birds, and, I love poetry, although I haven't been writing much of it lately. I will have to check back now. Do you mind if I link to you? Take care & Merry Christmas! Jan

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Happy Christmas to you and yours!
Looking forward to 2009!
Stay warm and cozy.

Q said...

Dear Jan,
How nice to meet you! I popped over to your blog and was so pleased to find we love so many of the same things.
May you also have a Merry Christmas. 2009 will be a fine year for birds and bugs and getting to know you.

Belen said...

Merry Christmas Sherry!! Feliz Navidad. I love how you handel with the nature...And I admire your Talent for the birds and butterfly,and, and and....and of course your amazing pictures and your soul.

I'm a great fan of yours:-)

Frohe Weihnachten aus Colonia

Q said...

Dear Belen,
Thank you!
It is -0.3 F this morning....too cold to spend very much time outside. The birds do have food and water.
Happy Solstice.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you for your kind words and support.

Wendy said...

Happy Winter Solstice, Sherry. Keep safe and warm.

Susie said...

Hi Sherry,

I'm new to your blog and enjoyed your pics of your birdie friends much! You take beautiful photos.

Mary said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Sherry. You are my final smile for the night.

Good night.


meggie said...

You really are so fortunate you do not have the Indian Mynah birds invading your wonderful native birds' territories. They have devastated out native birds habitats here in Eastern New South Wales,Australia, & all the wonderful birds we used to have in our gardens 10 years ago, have all vanished under the dreadful Mynah onslaught.
One neighbour has a tall conifer that is home to the horrible creatures, & they just keep all the lovely natives away.
I love to see your lucky, happy birds in your garden.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you for all your wonderful pictures!
Thank you for your visits and comments.
- Cheers from Canada,

Christmas is a holiday for friends,
However they may be, or not, related.
Remember that the three wise kings were strangers
In search of one remote, uncanny dream.
So may we all be far more than we seem,
Together bound for dark and haunting changes,
More lovely for the loves we have created
Along the lonely paths from means to ends,
Stumbling towards that star of Bethlehem.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
It is soooo cold! Thank you for thinking of me.
I AM staying warm and cozy. Only poking my nose out every now and again to feed the birds.
This has been a very cold December.
Another snow storm is coming my way. I will need to replace the suet.
Happy Solstice to you too.
Love and light,

Q said...

Dear Susie,
Welcome to Corner.
Hope you have a Happy Christmas.
Looking forward to visiting your journal and getting to know you.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for your friendship and birds in 2008. We will have fun in '09.
Merry Christmas,

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I am so sorry the Mynah birds have driven all the native birds from your gardens. That is very sad.
I know here in the U.S. we also have troubles with the House Sparrows and the Starlings doing exactly the same thing.
I hope your native birds find their way back to you. Maybe there is some sort of catch and relocate program for the Mynah. I would be very upset....
Hope you have a great 2009!

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
Thank you!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
I agree, when we build together in love and light the world is a better place for man and beast...and bugs and birds!
Looking forward to 2009.
Peace and good cheer,

Jules and Ken said...

That was beautiful, I just loved it!! A Very Merry Christmas to you too.

Q said...

Dear Jules and Ken,
Thank you.
Hope you had a Happy Christmas!