Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Snow event

It started to snow this morning.
I had filled all the seed trays and the feeders.
I put out extra suet and peanut butter.
I filled all the nut feeders and had two extra bowls of peanuts.
Cranberries, apples and raisins went into the fruit cups.
The birds came.

I watched the Downy Woodpeckers

and a flock of Cardinals!

The pair of Tufted Tit Mice tickle me so very much.

The little Juncos are sweet birds.
This female was so polite and came so close to the door I thought she was coming in.
I had to watch the birds from inside today.
My cold is better but I still have a few sniffles.
I started my December felting project.
I started my felted Christmas Tree.
I like it so much I might just leave it up!


Grammy said...

Love your photos. I would love to see your felted Christmas Tree. I am glad your are doing better too. Big hug.

Wendy said...

A whole flock of cardinals? Lucky you!! I'm happy to see just one.
We also are getting lots of snow. I guess it's the season, isn't it?

I'd love to see your felted Tree too. Glad you're feeling better.

Deb said...

Glad you are feeling better Sherry. The flock of Cardinals will cheer you! Your felting projects sound wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see are feeling better. Who wants to be sick for Christmas. Yuck!


Marimoy said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Your birds really do love you! Can't wait to see the tree.

Mel said...

Hi Sherry,
I just gave you an award, you can accept it or not, either way, I want you to know I really mean it.

Cheryl said...

Good morning Sherry.....I do hope that you are feeling better and have had a good nights rest.....

The beautiful bird photos could be more cards in the making.......
The snow does make them a little special, don't you think?

You treat the birds with much kindness......they know that Sherry's restaurant will always be open.......

Leon1234 said...

They are so cute...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You got the snow, we have the rain. Sigh~~ I would rather have snow. I am sure the garden is happy for rain.

It is good to hear that you are feeling better. I will look forward to seeing your felted tree.

Dawn Fine said...

I want to see the felted Christmas tree too...happy birding..

Q said...

Dear Grammy,
Thank you. The photograph of the Tufted Tit Mouse is my current favorite!
The felted tree is over on my Artful Living blog. I will be working on it all month.
I will post as I add ornaments.
I do feel somewhat better. I am getting tired tonight.
Thank you for your care and kindness,

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I counted 34 Cardinals on the deck last night. The numbers increase as the season progresses. It is always amazing to me.
With my new camera I should be able to get a photograph of the flock! They are always moving and they come at sunset! Light and movement to know something about!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I feel really great when I wake up and wear down by mid day. The birds do cheer me and I am always excited to get up in the morning so I can see them.
The felted tree is fun. I have lots of plans for it. Sharing on Artful Life!

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I do not want to be sick, that is for sure.

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
I love them right back. Please pat a butterfly for me. I am missing them so very much.
The birds keep me smiling!
Felting keeps me busy so I forget to be lonely for the bugs.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
So very kind of you to think of me and Corner. We do the best we can each day!
Thank you.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I love the Tufted Titmouse photograph. It is my current favorite. I just might have to print and frame. I could suggest it be a card. When I have my studio I will cover the walls with photographs of the backyard birds and bugs!
I love them all...
Thank you for your kindness and support,

Q said...

Dear Leon,
They are cute!
Nice to meet you.
I am looking forward to coming to your journal and getting to know you and your world.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I am glad for the snow. It makes my Christmas look prettier!
Birds in the snow are very nice too. Rain is great for all the trees and bushes going into winter.
The felted tree is an on going project. I am very excited about her.
I have more smaller trees planned too. I love making trees.
My Christmas is "The magical forest". This year's theme is "Festival of the Trees."
Love and light,

Q said...

Dear Dawn,
Pop over to Artful Living when you get a minute and you can see the beginnings of the felted tree.
I hope it will grow each year. I would like it to be a sampler and a memory story tree of the projects I do through out the year.

tina said...

You are such an excellent photographer! Took your advice and popped over here. I must say the tufted titmice tickle me too. I love it when they come steal the dog and cat food. The cat just lazily watches them do it. They act so important and like they accomplished something. Cracks me up. Hope your cold is better, mine is nearly gone (after one month!) yuck!

Q said...

Dear Tina,
I am glad you came over. I post my walks on "Walking in Beauty" backyard birds here!
Tufted is so cute!I just want to pat them and kiss them and play!!!
They are so quick getting seed...
Nice to share giggles.
My cold is better but lingering...a month? YIKES!
Stay well,

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love the juncos! I throw seeds out the patio door and they come right up, even with the dog and cat watching them.

Q said...

Dear Robin,
I think the Juncos are so pretty. The females are so soft and the males almost have a wee penguin look with their black and white suits.
I also love the way they are so friendly.