Friday, February 13, 2009

Laguna Atascosa, Texas

I am trying to identify
all the birds we saw while in Texas.

The Roseate Spoonbill was easy.

Warblers are difficult for me.

This little one reminds me of the Yellow-rumped Warblers
that I see in my backyard.
My Birds of Texas has 45 different Warblers.

The Glossy Ibis is a one of a kind bird.

But there are many little yellow breasted birds.
I worked a few hours getting the photographs
from Laguna Atascosa organized.
I worked a few hours identifying the birds.
There are so many new to me birds.
I need to go back to Laguna Atascosa, Texas.

At least I can go to my Holiday blog and look at the photographs.


Anonymous said...

Spoonbills are such strange looking birds but stunning also at the same time! Bravo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is overwhelming to see all the different birds the first time in Texas. To me what was even worse was going to Arizona. Just the plethora of hummingbirds is enough to boggle the mind. Beautiful photographs Sherry.

Happy Valentines Day to you.

Rose said...

The spoonbill is such a beautiful bird! I am having enough trouble identifying the birds in my own backyard, I can't imagine trying to recognize birds I've never seen before:)

Juliet said...

Just catching up with your lovely photos :-D

Do you know this site? - I find it very helpful for bird IDs, though I think the ID guide for Britain & Europe is better than the one for North America. But there are lots of photos in the gallery for those times when you think you know what something is and just want to check. I think the people who run the site are happy to answer emails and check IDs for you as well.

Wendy said...

They are beautiful! Especially the spoonbills.
Thanks for sharing.