Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sound Off

We are in the middle of the 12th annual
Backyard Bird count.

One, two White Breasted Nut Hatches.

One, two, three, four female Northern Cardinals.

Three male Downy Woodpeckers and two females.

A pair of Titmice.
All sorts of Sparrows and Juncos and Grackles and Starlings!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love those open mouth shots. I can just imagine the noise they are making.

Mary said...

It seems they want to be counted!

Happy Valentines Day, Sherry! I have been catching up your San Antonio trip. I'm so excited about all of the birds you met! It must have been a great time for you, and very birdy! Love that Roadrunner.

Happy Counting!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful photos!

Not too bad of a day for us for day 2 of the GBBC.

Wendy said...

What fun! Love your pics

Deb said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sherry!
Our bird count day was quite uneventful ... one woodpecker and four sparrow :-)Of course, it could have been that the suet baskets were freshly filled and Sammy & Stewart spent the majority of the day eating :-)

Mel said...

So beautiful!!
Your visitors are always pretty :)

Anonymous said...

So many great photos of the birds yelling HAPPY V-DAY!

Marimoy said...

They really are singing love songs. This is great!

Kit Aerie-el said...

Great photos!
Being a first-time participant, I thought it was going to be more time-consuming, but it hasn't been. It's also been a lot of fun.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You do have some sounding off! Awesome pics, as always!