Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Monday

All that I enjoy dovetails together.
The gardens and photography go together nicely.

My commitment to sustainable living is complimented by my love of antiques.
My homemaking is a celebration.

This morning I followed a page from the Green Housekeeping book.
I made dust cloths.

So easy to do! Lots of fun!

Combine two parts water, two parts white vinegar, two drops olive oil or lemon oil.

I gathered my things.
I have been saving my glass food jars.

I went through the cotton napkins.
Some were ready to become rags.

I soaked the rags in the solution for just a few minutes.

I rung them out until just damp and added a few lemon rinds to each.
I folded them up and placed them in my jar to age!

When I return from visiting my daughter they will be ready.
The solution was excellent for scrubbing my wood kitchen floor.

There is a new magazine in my city.

I was so pleased to find it at my market.

Finding green companies that are local is wonderful.

I am a planner.
Earth day is coming up.

I also found this book at the market.

I am learning.
I want to grow some more herbs for my medicine cabinet.

My husband found this book at the second hand book store.
We are planning the studio.

A catalog came in the mail. I could use a dryer.

I shall gather my things and make one.

I think I will make my bags too...I have an old cotton skirt that would work.

I reuse, recycle and restore. It all works together.

Happy Green Monday!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What great ideas you are sharing today! I use ONLY green cleaners now and they work just as well and make you nose and head feel GOOD when you clean! I use wonderful products to wash my clothes and dishes. Love the books and ideas! I am always learning!

Please visit my blog soon!

Anonymous said...

Stacey's Mom has that exact dryer. Those are some cool books. You got Stacey's attention looking over my shoulder at your good ideas and books. I like the lemon scented rags. Your dove is beautiful with such nice detail.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.......I have many old napkins....I now know what I shall use them for. This is a wonderful idea.....I shall buy lemons tomorrow....

I consider myself green and like you look for new ideas all the time......

I love your books........I also read magazines......can we have too much knowledge, I don't think so.....

The dryer is pretty.....what a wonderful idea.....Studio is so exciting.....I cannot wait to see you start the project, it will be such fun to follow......

Not long now.....and you will see your daughter......

kkryno said...

I love these ideas! I always learn something when I visit you, Sherry.

Not only are you a wonderful heart, you are a wealth of great information!

Love, Vikki

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are an inspiration Sherry. Love these ideas. I always use old cotton shirts for dust rags. I don't do anything to them though.

It won't be long and you will be headed to your daughters house. I bet you can hardly wait.!!

Wendy said...

What an intriguing way to make dust cloths! I am dying to try that. I usually vacuum the dust with the dust brush attachment, but there are times when you only want to dust and not drag out the vacuum cleaner.

I am excited about your studio. You must be having fun planning it. And with hubby's input too.
Have a good trip. I know you and your daughter will have a good visit.

Sheila said...

We always try to 'repurpose' and recycle when and where we can. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction, and money saved. the cloths are a good idea.