Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tulip Time

We listened to Tulip Time radio.

There were thousands of tulips
in bloom.

This yellow tulip was developed for Pella, Iowa

by growers in Holland.

It is named, "Pella".

This charming town is proud of its
Dutch heritage.

We also attended a Kite Festival!

My mind is full of tulips and kites!


Rose said...

This reminds me of Holland, Michigan, although I've never been there during tulip season. I've been enjoying my own little "tulip festival" here at home, though it's nearly over now:)

Beautiful kite--I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Sherry.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All this color and excitement is bound to have your mind filled. Happy Mothers Day.

Angie said...

What a fun and beautiful outing, Sherry! Happy Mother's Day!

Wendy said...

Oh I absolutely love your first pic with the windmill in the background! It reminds me of Holland, where my mother was born.

I will be attending a tulip festival in Ottawa, next week. My son and his family live there.

Isn't it neat that we both thought to post tulips on mother's day??

Happy Mother's day to you, my friend. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....I am glad that you enjoyed your trip. It must have been wonderful to see the tulips en masse.......
The soft yellow tulips are lovely......

I love kites......we fly them on the beach sometimes with the children......we also go there to watch the kite competitions........wouldn't you just love to be a kite?

kkryno said...

Two wonderful signs of spring! I'm finally planning my gardens for this season. I am going to the nursery this afternoon. :)

Have a beautiful week' Sherry.

Love, Vikki.