Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday safari

Robin comes for raisins.

He knows me now.

I watched the Cardinals do seed giving.

She has her mate.

The rains are off and on. I go out inbetween showers.
I want to greet each moment of Spring.
I have waited for her.

The crocus and the daffodiles are waiting for sunnier days.

The parade of flowers has begun.
It is a slow unfolding this year.

The clover is just beginning to leaf out.

Drizzle sent me back inside this afternoon.

Back to reading and listening to music.
 These last days of Winter have been wet and chilly.

I am surrounded by books.

I am enjoying poems
and folklore.
The drawings are beautiful.

I close my eyes and see dream gardens.

I am learning

while I dream.

I fly kites

in my mind

and in my house.

There are some fantastic kites made.


sky art

and wall hangings.

The photography of Tom Vezo
inspires me.

Happy Sunday safari.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is windy and cool here today. Your safari looked like fun. It is amazing how tame Robins can become. I love watching the Cardinals court. The House Finches here are doing the same. Mourning Doves are doing the cha cha on the patio. Spring is here.

Maria said...

That praying mantis kite is F A B U L O U S.

Sherry, nothing going on slightly west of you. Just lots of dreary, dreary, dreary weather. I miss my shadow!!!!

Barb said...

Surely that Robin does know you! It's definitely posing. The droplets and your budding flowers are breathtaking - lovely captures!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Gorgeous picture of the robin! They sometimes follow me around the garden and pluck the earthworms in the location where I've been digging.

I caught a series of pictures not too long ago of the cardinals seed sharing. It was so sweet.

sweetbay said...

Gorgeous shots of the Robin. I love your pictures of the crocus too.

Dimple said...

Nice post as always!
I see why you write as though for children!

Amy said...

Sherry, Your photos and the perfect text accompaniments always surprise me. I love the fairy book - I'm thinking about creating a little secret fairy garden to share with "the Elliot" when he comes to visit - he's only one, so I've much to plan!

Oh, and I saw not one but two very fat robins fly through the garden today!

Tumblewords: said...

Synchronicity! When I read your post, I noticed the George Winston album - I have several of his as well. I clicked on Pandora radio to accompany me through lunch and a song from George Winston 'Summer' was the first one to play. Amazement. Wonderful photos!

Wendy said...

What an enchanted garden and home you have! Your post reads like a story - lovely books and kites and stunning flowers. I especially liked the drops of water on the flowers and clover.

Now how did you entice little robin to dance for you? LOL! He does look sweet! And the cardinals too.

Lovely post. Stay warm and dry.