Monday, August 13, 2007

Butterfly Bush

I went to pick supper,
tomato sandwiches are what we eat in the heat.
My harvest basket was on the deck.

I looked down and saw the Red-spotted Purple
and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail sharing a branch of flowering Butterfly Bush.

I did pick tomatoes.
It has been a good year for them.
I have picked 120 since the 11th of July.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I am canning tomatoes tommorow. My Dad planted 30 plants! I love the beauties you took pictures of tonight. I am mad, I went to take a picture of a Monarch and when I came back it was gone. Next time. Nita

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Thirty plants! That is many! My husband and I planted ten. I do put up any we cannot eat. I just throw them into the blender and pour into zip lock bags and freeze. Come winter I make my sauses and soups with the frozen "juice". Fast, easy and yummy!
Monarch will be back and you will get a great photo! Can't wait to see it!

Mary said...

Thirty plants is a lot! Two plants would do for the two of us. Didn't plant this year because I need to find a place where they will be safe. The local stand is fine for now.

Sherry - you count your tomatoes! LOL! That's funny. At least you are ambitious enough to save them for winter. I just gobble them up.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I also count how many zucchini we pick! I put up 10 quarts of zukes this afternoon to use for my winter zucchini muffins. We dug about 40 pounds of potatoes too. The deer and the rabbits ate the green beans, peas and spinach. We have pumpkins growing, volunteers! I picked two the other day as they were ready. The winter squash is growing fine and I will plant lettuce the middle of September for Autumn harvest. My basil is finally thriving! I make pesto with it.
We have eaten almost all of our tomatoes so far this year. My husband took about a dozen to work since people asked for them. Come late September, when the tomatoes ripen faster than we can eat them, I will begin putting them up for winter. I grow all sorts of people food in my flower beds! Lots of herbs.
I like the herbs that flower. Many of the butterflies like the blooms. I was very surprised to see the Gold Finches eating the Bee Balm (Bergamont) seeds, like they do with the cone flower seed. The sunflowers will be in bloom after I return from vacation.
I hope to have some photos of butterflies and birds on sunflowers.
I have plans to do a winter cover crop for the vegetable garden. I want to grow oats! I think it will look pretty and is so good for the soil.
I actually do as much Fall gardening as I do Spring! Summer is just too hot for me. I go and pick and that's about it.
Ahhh... the joy of it all!

Mary said...

Hey Sherry,

I loved my butterfly bush in Delaware. Today I bought a four-foot for 5 bucks! It isn't too good looking but I'll nurse it and find the perfect spot for it near the pond. I'll be thinking of you the whole time.

I've taken some butterfly photos but I won't post them for a few days. You WILL have internet access while away with your new laptop. You are leaving soon, right?

Mark said...

Hi Sherry,
What cracking pictures of the butterflies, i thought i was doing well in France but you have so many more varieties. The one you call a Snowberry Clearwing, is that a proper name or just a local one as it looks just like a hummingbird moth.

Cheers Mark

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Wonderful buy! You already know how the butterflies love the blooms. I do deadhead my spent blooms so the bushes continue to produce all the way to frost!
I will have wireless in Portland and in Victoria, BC. I do not think there is wireless in Olympic National Park but I could be wrong! I am leaving Thursday.
I will find a way to visit you and your butterflies! I am excited about this! You are very fun!
Hope to be posting my trip on "Q On Holiday". If everything works out that is!
I will miss you,

Q said...

Hi Mark,
You took some amazing photos of butterflies in France!
The Snowberry Clearwing is a hummingbird Moth. The variety is Hemaris diffinis. The other Hummingbird Moth, Hemaris thysbe, that is in my area is a little bit bigger and does not have the yellow band.
Backyard butterflies are like backyard birds, after awhile they get to know you and are somewhat "tame" allowing for photos.
Glad you enjoy the photos they are fun to take.