Monday, August 06, 2007

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

When our daughter moved to Colorado we would drive out to visit.
As we drove across the state of Kansas I would look at the fields of sunflowers.

We made this trip many times in August.
I always checked the fences for tumbleweeds.
On our way home we would stop and put a couple of tumbleweeds in the backseat to put in our garden. I love tumbleweeds.
One summer I made a music sampler to listen to as we drove through Tumbleweed Country.
It is a compilation of Cowboy Songs.
The tumbleweeds have long ago disintegrated. Our daughter has moved farther west.
Today it is too hot for me to be outside.
I put my sampler on.
I am listening to Cowboy Songs;
Tumbling Tumbleweeds, seven different versions, Home On The Range, Ghost Riders In the Sky, Get Along Little Doggie, Cool Water, Red Sails In the Sunset, Up the Lazy River, the list continues. Two hours of Cowboy melodies.
Wonderful artist too; Jonny Cash, The Sons of The Pioneers, Tennessee Earnie Ford and many more. I added a few songs from Paint Your Wagon.
"Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds...."
Drift along with me.


Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

Beautiful. You are bringing back a lot of memories to me today.

Before air conditioning was invented and I was very young, we sat on the front steps in the evening, waiting for the ice cream man, and listened to Sons of the Pioneers on Mom & Dad's hi-fi. It was the hottest month and the days were still long. "Tumbling Tumbleweeds". I was little but I remember harmonizing with Mom and Dad.

Thanks, dear. I haven't heard nor thought of Tumbling Tumbleweeds in a few decades.

I feel bittersweet.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
"See them tumbling down..
Pledging their love to the ground..."

I am singing today..

So glad you enjoyed this. I too remember the pre ac days.. My brothers and sister and I would sit on the swingset and sing songs with the radio! I remember so many of those 1950's hits!
Our ac came in 1958.

I am not sure when I fell in love with the tumbleweed...I do love them.

Jonny Cash is on right now "Ghost Riders in the Sky. He does it best in my book.
I have listened 3 times now to my sampler.

Sometimes those kid memories are bittersweet. In the evenings I would sit with my Mom on the front porch while she waited for my Dad to come home. She sang to me. I can still hear her voice. She sang, "Woodenhead Puddenhead Jones" every night because I loved it so much! It still makes me laugh. I can see the fireflies and feel the hot August wind.
Hugs and ice tea, (I am slimming down no ice cream for me!)
Yippie-I-O ooo Yippie-I-A aaa,

orneryswife said...

I am originally from Arizona, and while tumbleweeds were not necessarily a desirable thing, they have always been fascinating to me. My first year at college in Tulsa, my roommate from Tennessee asked me to bring her back some tumbleweeds, as she had never seen one. Of course we do have them here in Oklahoma, but more out west, where my husband is from.

My dad was a real cowboy. His dream, prior to WWII was to be a roper in the rodeo. (He was wounded in his shoulder at Iwo Jima and was never able to rope again) He loved those old songs, especially the Sons of the Pioneers. He had an old record player in the little shop he built on the back of our house, so I listened, (indulgently back then) while he carved leather (he was a saddlemaker at one time) in his little workshop and I looked on.

Thanks for reminding me of those days. I miss my Cowboy Dad.

Sheila said...

As a gal who grew up in England I can't identify with your memories, but I have heard of the music you mention. I enjoyed this post, and the other commenters memories.

Q said...

Dear Tracy,
I bet your Cowboy Dad was great!
A saddlemaker, that is cool.
The tumbleweeds are just so "West" to me! I am not sure why I became so smitten with them. Just am! I guess.
The Cowboy Bands are an important part of the west. Much lore in their songs.
When I think of Oklahoma I think of the "dust bowl". I have not been to Oklahoma for many years. I will wait for cooler temps before traveling south. Soon I will be going North. I hope it is cooler and wetter!
Glad you enjoyed this post.
I treasure my memories of my Mom and my Dad.
Happy trails to you,

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
The American West, the prairies and the Frontier, are all part of the independent spirit. Learning how to live in a cooperative society is taking Americans awhile to learn.
I am enjoying learning more about the lives of the friends that come. Their memories become part of our shared experience.
One of the reasons I do Corner is for the conversations. I enjoy them very much.
Hope you have had some rain and a cool down.
It really has been hot and dry for you too.

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, yes! So many good memories! I still don't have ac and I still sit outside on the glider! How's that for unenlightened? Grin.

I was pleased to read your comment on Hebgen Lake. I haven't been there since the year after the 'quake so your words and memories were important to me - thank you, Sherry!

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
Ahh, Hebgen Lake, Yellowstone!
A magical night for me!
Everytime I think of the full moon rise over the lake I am transported back to the music and the moon.
No ac?? It is 97 degrees out and 43% humidity right now. I would have to go north (pretty far) every August without air conditioning. Or I guess I could spend the heat of the day in my basement!
I want a glider! I keep looking at them. One of these days I will bring one home and find a shade tree to sit under. My backyard is 99% sun in the heat of summer. My Ash tree is growing so maybe in a few more years I will have a shady spot!
I enjoy your poems so very much!
Thank you, Sue,