Thursday, August 02, 2007

Giant Swallowtail

The Giant Swallowtail
is the biggest of the Swallowtails,
measuring about 6 1/2 inches across.

Giant Swallowtail on Red Zinnias.

Their host plant is the Prickly-ash.
Not considered an attractive shrub.
My butterfly book suggests planting the Prickly-ash in the back of the butterfly reserve.
I will need to order three.

The entire yard is a butterfly reserve.

If the Giant Swallowtail likes the Prickly-ash I am sure I will too.


Naturegirl said...

Your photos are incredible!You allow us to see up close and minute details! Their wings are remarkable!!!

We share a passion for these ~winged fairies~ hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
We are passionate Ladies!
The Giant Swallowtail is huge! Bigger than a Hummingbird!
I could do a "landscape photo" but I like the full frame when it comes to butterflies and birds. I too like to see the details and the colors.
I am wowed by the Giant Swallowtail. I have not seen one for a couple of months.
Once I get those Prickly-ash planted I could have a nice colony started of the Giants! I would love that!

Sprite said...


Oh what a tresure Giant Swallowtail is! The colors are beautiful.

Your reserve is coming along very nicely. It's just wonderful the way you read, learn, and teach along this joyous journey.

Thank you for your effort, and the way you generously give of your Spirit each day.

I love you for that!


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
This is the Swallowtail that gave me the reason to try again after the April freeze. I had not seen Giant since May.
It will take a few years of growth for the plants to be of any good size for all the different Swallowtails but I have a nice beginning. Just planting the red Zinnias has offered food for them.
Once the sunflowers bloom there will be another set of nectar rich plants for the Swallowtails.
Each day I try to learn a little bit more on the best way to care for the birds and the butterflies.
Thank you for sharing in the awareness that Mother Earth is alive and well. All we have to do is walk in her beauty with respect.
She will grace each of us with her bounty.

Mary said...

"Winged fairies" is right! I'm shocked at the size of the giant! You are remarkable and so are your butterflies!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
They are incredible! I am very, very grateful the Swallowtails have all come this year. I do not feel as if I have all the proper nectar and host plants for them either. I do have weeds. They seem to like the native plants.
Giant Swallowtail is very large and beyond beautiful.
Winged Fairies...
I think these beauties would be flying the Fairies from woodlands to woodlands.
Supersized butterflies.
I just get to take the pictures..
Mother Nature provides the subjects. She is good!