Thursday, August 02, 2007

Festival of Butterflies

Powell Gardens is hosting The Festival of Butterflies.
The Blue Morpho will be there.
I want to go.
I want to see the Blue Morpho.


Sprite said...


What a beautiful Butterfly!

Did you ever see the movie "The Blue Butterfly?" It's a wonderful movie.

It is about Courage, Love, and Healing.

Since this movie, I have longed to see a Blue Morpho.



Susan Gets Native said...

I saw one blue morpho at the annual butterfly show here. But it was old and ragged. I would love to see one in fresh "plumage".

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
The Morpho do appear to be magical!
I have not seen "The Blue Butterfly". I wrote it down on my list of movies to see. I am sure if you loved it I will too.
Thank you for telling me about it.
If I get to go to Powell Gardens next weekend and I see a Blue Morpho I hope I can get a photo.
They just are so beautiful...I think I think that about every Butterfly!!!

Q said...

Dear Susan,
I am so excited about growing native. I am learning about my area amd what the butterflies in my area like. The April freeze has opened a new gardening door for me!
The Blue Morpho is not native to my area, that is for sure. It could be the only way I will ever see one is at a plannned event. Bringing the awareness of the butterflies and their need for habitat makes these kinds of shows so worthwhile!
Sherry, who also got native