Sunday, August 12, 2007


The noonday sun was bright.
I changed lens on the camera.
I thought I would take photos of shadows.
Two female Black Tiger Swallowtails caught my eye.
They were in the zinnias and in the marigolds.

I had the small lens on.
I would have to approach slowly.
I would have to get very close up.
They did not mind.

The Snowberry Clearwings did not mind me either.
I did take a few shadow photos.


Anonymous said...

I just love your hummingbird moth photo! WOW! Also, so many great butterfly shots like the swallowtail! BRAVO!

Q said...

Hi Mon@arch,
I take lots of pictures of the Snowberry Clearwing! I am so pleased that they are in the yard now. I see them everyday.
The female Tiger Swallowtail is my favorite. I just adore them.
Next year I hope to have a nice colony of the Pipevine Swallowtails and the Spicebush. If my Paw-paws grow well I could also have the Zebra Swallowtails! That would be very exciting. I am working on this city yard becoming a butterfly reserve! I do okay with for the birds. I only can do so much space is limited here! I have good bugs!