Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cardinal Time

At sunset the Cardinals come to the deck.

Tonight I counted 18.

They come off and on during the day too.
One or two at a time.
It is at sunset they gather.

It is known as "Cardinal time" at our house.

In the American Indian tradition the Cardinal represents,
"Your work has meaning."
We can make a difference.


Anonymous said...

the cardinals are almost like the supermodels of the bird world! So perfect in every way!

Mary said...

Gosh, they are gorgeous. I agree with Monarch - "supermodels!".

They are the last to leave the feeders at night - every night - "Cardinal Time"!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

they are one of my favorite birds... i like what they represent too. you are so very lucky to have seen 18. xoxo nita

Marvin said...

It's hard to think of a better way to end the day than in the presence of cardinals.

Anonymous said...

It is early morning, I am looking at blogs while having my coffee. Seeing your photos gets my day off to a good start! What wonderful shots! Thank you.

Jayne said...

Oh Sherry, those are simply amazing shots!! Such an explosion of color!

Q said...

Good Morning Mon@rch,
Yes they are! In any setting they look beautiful. In December I celebrate the Cardinal. I do one room up with the Christmas Cardinal motif.

Q said...

Good Morning Mary,
If I was a bird I would want to be a female Cardinal. I like everything about the Cardinals.
Every year I choose a bird to study. In 2007, I have been studying the Cardinals.
When it is cold I replenish the seed trays before sundown so the Cardinals have full plates.
Having so many on the deck this early in the season makes me think by February I could have 50 birds for sunset. I will need to put out more seed trays.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
They must have put the tweet out that dinner is served at sunset! I do a mixed seed and raisins for the Cardinals. I also make sure there is plenty of water.
I am trying to decide what species of bird I will celebrate in 2008. I am thinking the Carolina Wren could be fun. I do love them too.

Q said...

Good Morning Marvin,
Yep! I so agree. When I close the blinds after they have gone to bed I am filled with gratitude.
I have turned two chairs in the living room so my husband and I can sit and watch them through the windows. Stunning birds!

Q said...

Good Morning Sandi,
Thank you! I do responces in the early morning with my coffee. The birds are not up yet.
It is always a delight to read your comment. Thank you.
As people are heading back to work today I thought sharing "Cardinal Time" would be a good way of saying, "I value your work."
Enjoy your day.

Q said...

Good Morning Jayne,
When I look out and see the sunlight streaming across the deck and the bright Cardinal Red I am always awed! Everynight I just gasp at the beauty.
I remember last winter and the snow and the Cardinals....ahhh,
Mother Nature is so very beautiful...

Deb said...

Aren't the Cardinals absolutely gorgeous Sherry? Especially against the snow ... you are so lucky to have so many in your garden - we have 1 who faithfully stops by :-} Our garden is mostly filled with sparrows, our 2 faithful doves and Bert our resident blue jay(not that I'm complaining) :-} I always have your photos to enjoy!

Q said...

Good Morning Deb,
They are gorgeous! I do not think the neighbors keep their feeders full so many of the birds come to my backyard! I have noticed when it is cold ourside lots of birds come.
We also have lots of sparrows. I do not mind as I like their activity. The Blue Jays have been flying through but have yet to start getting nuts. I think they are still finding plenty of acorns.
These are my bird days. It will be awhile before the butterflies return!
I do have over a hundred birds everyday. I try and space out the feeders and trays so we do not have collisions. I just saw Cooper's Hawk perched in the back Ash tree. He clears the yard rather quickly.

PAT said...

We love Cardinals at our house, too! They are so beautiful!


Q said...

Good Morning Pat,
I think of the Cardinals as Christmas birds!
Today as I begin my decorating I am thinking I will print a couple of Cardinal pictures and frame them. I have one room that is done in the Cardinal motif.
They are very pretty!

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

The photographs are stunning of the Cardinals. I love what they stand for too.

I value 'Your' work, my friend.


Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
My husband really likes these photos too. I have the male Cardinal on the gourd basket as my desktop right now. I love the Cardinals.
Thank you for valuing my work. I just put it out there and hope my photos and my words give hope and love and sometimes laughter.
My blogs are my way of giving to the world.
Thank you for giving back hope and love and laughter! Full circle.
Full friendship. I call you, "girlfriend!"