Monday, November 26, 2007

Packing up November

Still some leaves cling to the bushes.

The wind harp sings off and on as the breeze
plays her strings.

I am packing up the November decorations.
It is an in between time.
Not yet Winter and the warmth of Autumn is passing.
Even on warm days there is a chill.
The skies are blue with just a little haze.
Rain mixing with snow is in our forecast.

I am getting my December things out.
Time to deck the halls.
I am giving myself all the time I need.
No rushing about.
No worries. No stress.


david santos said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you
have a good day

Anonymous said...

Love the cardinal photo best! Hard to believe that it's finally winter!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Funny that we were dragging out the winter decor today too. Love to get it all out so we don't have to rush around closer to Christmas. I like to enjoy the holidays.

The sky looks so cerulean in your photo.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. That wind harp is to die for. Did someone make it for you?

Q said...

Hello David,
Nice of you to stop by.
Thank you. I am so smitten with the Cardinals right now. When I look at the photos I took I see most of them are of the Cardinals.

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
At some point I will take pictures of other birds. Plus the Cardinals. They are so pretty and show nicely in the bushes and the trees. I still have not done my autumn clean up! I would like winter to hold off for a few more weeks. I saw we have a few days of warmer weather coming in. Maybe I will get some leaves picked up.

Q said...

Hi Lisa,
It is that time of year again. We are going to Portland, Oregon for Christmas so I was not sure how much decorating I was going to do. I find once I start I just do the whole house.
I had to look up "cerulean"! LOL!
The sky was a "heavenly blue". It changed too. I found the light today very interesting.
Yes, I bought the wind harp from a sculptor, Ross Barrable. I did a post about the wind harp last year. Maybe there is a way you can search wind harp and that post will pop up for you.
After my mother died I had the harp made as a remembrance. It is my instrument. The wind plays and I listen.
Enjoy decorating.

Naturegirl said...

I like that "no stress no worries no rushing about" that's great advice! Love the red cardinal! I saw my FIRST yesterday...during November!
I really hate to say goodbye to the garden. :( NG

Marvin said...

"No rushing, no worries, no stress" Now there's a prescription that would do us all good.

Love your cardinal photos.

Q said...

Dear Anna,
I am excited for you. Cardinals are very beautiful! Now that one has come more will follow. They like the sunflower seed the best. I do give just safflower if the Grackles and Starlings become to much trouble. Saying, "Sleep well" to the garden is always sad.
I am hoping come Spring my gardens will once again burst out in bloom and I will be back gardening. I have missed it this past year. Leaving the gardens alone, for the most part, has not been easy. It has been good for the gardens to let them rest and work on recovering fron the too early spring of 2007.
In August of 1994, I decided to remove all unnessary stress from my life. Goodness knows life is difficult enough without the added burdens that the market place puts on us!
Hope you also are able to let go of the December stress and just enjoy. It is the season of joy.
Bird songs,

Q said...

Good Morning Marvin,
It seems to me the hype about gifts and "must haves" for Christmas creates an enviroment of stress. Perhpas the best gift we can give to each other is the gift of time well spent.
When I began the stress free December I started asking myself, "what is reasonable?"
I still do have December stress but it has everything to do with weather. Last year our flight to Portland, Oregon was canceled due to a snow storm. We ended up driving. Long drive! We had fun and all was well until we hit a blizzard on the return trip. The stress of that was enough to last me a lifetime! This year I have a different plan. We are flying but going south than northwest. Avoiding the mid-west will help reduce the stress of travel.
I also am giving myself all the time I need. That reduces rushing.
Worries? We all have them. If I cannot do anything about my concerns I just let them go and wait and see what happens!
Finding joy each day is my job.

Mary said...

No rushing, no worries, no stress... That's the way to live.

My decorations are ready to go. I just keep looking at them in boxes and bags.

That's a beautiful Junco, Sherry.

Enjoy taking your time to decorate and take lots of breaks with the birds.


Sprite said...



These photos are a fine mixture of colors, light, shadows and textures. I really like them.

I appreciate the relaxed and thoughtful attitude you share, I feel that way too.

Lovingly Hakuna Matata!


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Rushing about gives me too much stress! All the worry in the world never solved or prevented a problem. Stress comes anyway! I just do not invite it in!
I will start putting my December things out tomorrow. Today I am cleaning and doing up linens.
Lots of bird breaks...the regulars are here off and on all day. Cooper's Hawk clears the deck and the yard a couple times a day.
Stress for the sparrows!
Enjoy your decorating too. It is suppose to be fun.
Deck the halls!

Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
Hakuna Matata! No worries for the rest of your days! Thank you Lion King! Giggles and laughs..thank you for reminding me of this fun movie.
I liked these simple photos too. Thank you!
All of my November things are packed and back in the storage room. I am getting ready to bring up the December things. Big job-big job! Lots of fun too. I am not planning on doing any entertaining this holiday season but I want the Enchanted Forest (my Christmas theme) to be magical for my husband and me. I am looking forward to the beauty of the season, the season of light.
Hakuna Matata,

smilnsigh said...

A wind chime! Oh that must be wonderful! Never had one of those.

And you are giving yourself time to do the December thing. Yessss...

Perhaps you would enjoy reading my question entry today? :-)


smilnsigh said...

Dear Sherry,
I love the Cardinal photo!

And I also love the way you refer to this Season... The December thing. December stress {no, this is not a 'good' thing, of course. -smile-} December things, for decorating.

It's a very relaxing environment here. In many ways...


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
No worries here today.
I cannot do the stressful Christmas. It is not in my character. If I find I have too much to do and not enough time to do it than I need to get rid of some of the to dos! Easy does it and enjoy is my way.
Have fun,

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I decorate my house every month. I have lots of things...lots.
December is a huge thing month. Mostly because I do up trees. I have lots and lots of trees. I will count this year and let you know how many trees I do. December is more than Christmas. It is my Mother's and my birthday month. I do a tribute to my Mother and to me! There are new moon and full moon, solstice and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and festivals of light, celebrated by so many people. December can be a busy month if I let myself be influenced by the media and by the market place. I do not do that. I plan my own celebrations and include my family and friends as I am able. This year, once again, I will spend Christmas at my daughters with my son-in-love and husband. My daughter also believes in stress free Hoildays! We figure out what works for us.
I am so happy you can relax a bit here at Corner. Maybe even take your shoes off and put your feet up.