Monday, November 05, 2007

She called...

"Come sit with me.

Take off your shoes.

Watch my leaves dance.

Soon cold air will come.
Soon the trees will be bare.

Come sit with me,
for just an hour."


Mary said...

Love the hat... :o)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Looks like we use the same type of pen. I also wear hats. I love to sit out with my shoes and hat
off when the sky is so blue and the sun so warm. aaaahhhhhhhh

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I always have a hat!
It was so funny, I went inside for a cup of coffee and when I came back a leaf had fallen right onto the brim of my hat. I was smitten! Miss Autumn had captured my heart, once again...

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The Pilots are nice pens! I journal every morning. Whenever I can do so outside I am so pleased.
I was warm in the sun. Shoes, socks and hat went off for awhile and I enjoyed the wind!
Leaves were dancing all about. The deck now has piles of freshly fallen leaves. Aaahhh...tis beautiful! We surely are kindred spirits!

Sprite said...


This is a very lovely meditation. The photos are so nice, invoking the thoughtfulness of morning.

A cup of coffee? I'll take cream please, and a lavender scone. Mmmm.

Your hat is charming, as are you, my friend. Your feet look like they are warming just like a butterfly.

I shall come and sit with you, if that would be okay. I love morning, these mornings in November especially.

Your peace is catching...

Much love~


Q said...

My Dear Sprite,
I would love to share the morning with you! It is crisp and cool..
We shall have coffee and cream and lavender scones! Those are so yummy...I have enough lavender left over from last year to make a few out of the oven would be just right. Would you like a wee bit of lavender clotted cream to go with your scone?
As the sun came onto my lap I warmed up so hat and shoes came off. A leaf fell right onto my feet. Miss Autumn was being my compainion..sending her leaves to decorate the deck and me!
I did feel like a butterfly, sunning...
I had forgotten how beautiful November was. It is extra gorgeous this year.
Thank you for sitting with Autumn and me.
Much love,