Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wounded Warrior

"Scout" overlooks the city.

Liberty Memorial also overlooks the city.
Here the warriors of World War I
are remembered.
World War II Veterans are honored
with a sculpture in front of the
VFW building.

Today is Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Day of Remembrance.
We honor those who served in the armed forces.

I honor all people who serve

Each of us is a warrior.
Each of us carries the wounds.
May we also carry forgiveness
and peace.


Sheila said...

We must never forget those who gave their lives in all wars, so that we can be free. Thanks for an unusual Remembrance Day post Sherrie.

Sprite said...


Many Blessings to those who serve.

Thank you for such a wonderful tribute today.

Much love,


Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I am a pacifist, non-violent and globally aware.
Through out history there have been "bullies" and I understand the need to defend. I am grateful to all people who have fought for freedom. Sometimes I look about the world and I see hunger and sickness. I want so badly for those who suffer to be free.
There is this idea that we are all one. The idea that each of us has been wounded. The healing of these wounds begins with peace and respect. Forgiving past atrocities and finding the ways to live in harmony not only with each other but with nature would bring peace to all segments of our earth.
I am a visionary...I see heaven on earth. I only hope someday peace and kindness will be practical ways of living.
I am grateful and I continue to love.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
My husband took me about the city and I looked at the war memorials.
I thought about war and those who have died. I thought about all the families. I thought about nuclear families and their losses and our global family.
I also looked at the sculptures of the American Indians that are in my city and of the Prairie Mother. We honor those that came before us.
From Kansas City wagon trains went westward. I live near the beginnings of these trails.
As I looked at these sculptures I felt a wave of sadness.
Learning to live in peace and harmony must be our mandate.
I long for this.

Mary said...

Very nice remembrance and tribute, Sherry. We all need to remember those who gave their lives for us.

Let's pray peacetimes.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you. I am a romatic. I long for peace. I await the day when we can celebrate each person's talent.
Surely there is a way to live in the spirit of cooperation rather than competition. If humans only could work together.
My prayer is for peace and respect.