Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cooper's Hawk

It has been raining all morning.
The temperatures are holding at 35 degrees.
I bundled up and sat on my perch.

I stayed outside until the cold rain
became too unpleasant.

My brother-in-law came for a visit.
He shared treasures and stories from his visit to
the sacred mountains in Peru.

Cooper's Hawk came during his visit.
Cooper's Hawk perched in the cold rain.
Cooper's Hawk seemed to be listening
to the magic
in my brother-in-law's voice.


Mary said...

OH, Sherry. You were wearing a waterproof hat, I'm sure.

I've never been so close to a Cooper's Hawk. You did good!

Tumblewords: said...

Incredible! I'd recognize him if he came here - I think! :) Beautiful bird.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
No hat or coat! I just popped outside and began taking pictures.
I did not even "stalk" Coop. He watched me and did not care one bit how close I was.
I am smitten with Cooper.
Very cool bird.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
You will recognize him. Not a big Hawk, he stands about 16 inches high. I think Cooper's Hawks are all over the United States and into Canada.
He is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing these coopers hawks! Great shots!

Marvin said...

Great shots, Sherry. A Cooper's will certainly clear out the crowd at a birdfeeder around our place.

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Thanks. I did two posts on Copper since he came back and the rain changed to snow. I really need to get rain gear for the camera.

Q said...

Hi Marvin,
They do clear the feeders and my entire backyard! If I sit outside while Copper is perched up a few brave birds will come to the feeders. Woodpeckers do not seem to be as afraid of Cooper as the Cardinals.

Sprite said...


Oh Sherry,

Cooper's Hawk is so beautiful and holds the essence of a magical being. He reminds me of Merlin - of the Tales of King Arthur. Those piercing eyes seem to see right through everything.

How very awesome that your brother in law came for a visit, and shared stories from Peru! It must have been a wonderful afternoon, indeed.

There are mystical moments to be had, all around us - if we but open our eyes. I believe that Cooper's Hawk appearing is a quintessential example if this.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful day...

Much love to you and yours,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I am very much in love with Cooper's Hawk. He does seem very magical. I love the way he keeps the Starlings on guard!
He says to me, "All is well."
Seeing Cooper while my brother-in-law was here was excellent! My brother-in-law is a special man. I think he also enjoyed the visit, not only with my son and I but also with Coop. He understands.
There are many mystical moments. Being aware is nice. Being aware means I experience lots of joy. Plus I get to share those moments with you! That's very cool.
Thank you for your insight.
Sherry, who loves the Hawks