Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sharp-shinned Hawk

After walking this afternoon, I sat on the deck.
It was too quiet.
I looked about for Cooper's Hawk.

I was very surprised
to see a Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Much smaller than Cooper's.
Sharp-shinned is about the size of a large Robin.

I have seen this Hawk in the woods near my house.
Never have I seen him in my garden.

There are plenty of raptors hunting in the backyard.
Should help with the Sparrow and Starling populations.
I have not seen many rabbits about lately.
Maybe I can plant lettuce and spinach again this spring,
and have some for my dinner.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a handsome adult Sharpie in your garden. Isn't it fun to see them. They have those skinny little legs which you can see in your photo so well. If you look at a Coopers legs they are thicker.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The legs are so different! There was no doubt in my mind when I saw Sharpie. I knew instantly he was not Cooper's! What was amazing to me was how small the Sharp-shinned was. He did get a House Sparrow too! I am very pleased to have raptors about. I love the Hawks.

Tumblewords: said...

I loved seeing a sharp-shinned hawk! If the truth be known, I posted a poem with that name because it 'worked'. Now I see whereof I wrote. :) Nice photos and I'm learning a ton here!

Marvin said...

You've got a regular raptor rodeo around your place, Sherry.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
One of these days I will write poems about the birds and the bugs!
Haiku would be my form. I shall come and read your Sharp-shinned poem. This will be fun.
Lately I have been doing bird reports. I have lots of birds in the backyard to report about.
The Sharp-shinned Hawk was interesting to watch. I stood still when he went for his prey. Being small was helpful as he flew through the back bushes and grab a House Sparrow
He was not very pleased to see me stalking him. I expect he will be back.

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
Hawks abound in my backyard. I have Northern Harriers, Red Tails, Cooper's and now Sharp-shinned! My husband saw a Bald Eagle in mid-town this past weekend. That would really be an event if an Eagle came to my backyard. I would buy fish for an Eagle.
I know there are Owls in my area. I have seen them flying at dusk. Last winter I saw a Great Horned Owl in my neighbor's tree being harassed by crows. That was lots of fun!
I did get some pictures of the Owl and the Crows. There are two cats that have begun to hunt the backyard. An Owl and a Pussycat would be an excellent slide show!

smilnsigh said...

Another one!

But I'm glad there is good news for you, in this. With the populations which could use culling... And the lettuce/spinach eating rabbits.

Everything in Nature, evens out. I forget that, so many times.

And I so wish I could soak up some of your devotion to walking. -sigh- Still have not. Still need to do so. But it's very, very cold here today. Sunny and beautiful, but... cold out.

But then, think of all the possible photo ops I will miss, if I stay inside!!! :-)


Deb said...

What a fantastic assortment of birds you have Sherry. The Sharpie has gorgeous golden eyes :-}
Thank you so much for your kind Birthday Wishes ~ they meant alot to me.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Sharpie is exciting! Small too, I expect he is going for sparrows and small birds. I hope the Chickadees are careful!
I expect the Red Tails get the rabbits. I did see a rabbit this morning. I will plant my seeds anyway in March.
Wearing silk long underware has made all the difference for me in the winter. I do not mind getting out and walking. It feels good and I am warm. If I am not in the mood to walk I do think about the photos and my commitment. I did very little walking in December, (company and travel) and I did miss it.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
We do have lots of birds!
I think there is more loss of habitat every year.
Hope your birthday was filled with fun!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a good Sharpie that eats house sparrows and not Cardinals.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
LOL! Cardinals are for singing not eating. I think this spring I might have territorial disputes. There are so many Cardinals. I have never seen so many at one time. I cannot provide enough nest spots that is for sure.
He is a good Sharpie. Lots and lots of House Sparrows, enough for a couple of Sharpies to be full all winter.

Anonymous said...

Hope this sharpshinned hawk stays away from your cardinals from today! Amazing photos as always !

meggie said...

Your photos are truly magic. I am inspired to try for better shots.

love your words, as usual...xx

Q said...

Hi Monarch,
I would be upset if Sharp-shinned was eating Cardinals or Wren! I do not think there would be anything I could do about it! With so many Sparrows about (I have seen more House Sparrows this year than ever before) I hope Coop and Sharpie are dining on them!
I did have to "work" to get decent pictures. LOL! Sharpie would not turn around so I went into my neighbor's yard to get the front and side shots.

Q said...

Hi Meggie,
Thank you! I have a certain style I like with my pictures. Sometimes the backgrounds work out...Here in the city I have all sorts of man made items to work around, power lines, stop signs, street lights and driveways! Roof tops can look great and sometimes fences and decks work out. I like the background best when the birds are in the trees and bushes. I leave all the vines and spent plants for the winter. Nice for perching and backgrounds.
There are times just getting the picture is all I care about regardless!
Have fun taking pictures! I love seeing your birds.