Sunday, January 13, 2008

White Breasted Nuthatch

I listened for the call
of the White Breasted Nuthatch.

When I spotted him in the Ash tree
I knew he would soon be at the feeding station.

I have been reading about the habitat
the Nuthatches like.
They nest in tree cavities.

In "The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior"
I read the White Breasted Nuthatches
often feed with Chickadees, Creepers, and Kinglets.

The White-Breasted Nuthatch is in my area all year.
They are small birds, 5-6 inches long.
I am waiting for the female to come to the nuts.


meggie said...

I so enjoy your posts, & the lovely photos of the birds.
Just wonderful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We have a couple that comes to our feeders too. They are such handsome birds.

Chrissie said...

Enjoyed your photos, as usual :-) Hope your whole weekend is going well :-)

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Thank you. The Nuthatches are so sweet. I think I could add another bird bath for their habitat and I shall keep the nuts in the feeder all year long. I will keep reading and see if I can learn more about these darlings.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
They are so charming! Last spring the White Breasted Nuthatches brought the babies to the nuts. I was smitten! Now that they are still around in January I think they are established in my backyard.
I also am keeping my eye out for the Red Breasted. I do not see them every day. They have a wee bit different habitat than the White Breasted but I think with the woods near by the Red Breasted could stay! I would not mind if they just came for meals. They are so tiny and cute.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
My weekend was very nice. The birds keep me in a happy state. My husband saw a Bald Eagle yesterday flying over the streets in our mid-town area. I am so excited! An eagle so close means I could see one flying over my house.
Years ago a Bald Eagle flew right towards me in my back yard. My husband and the kids always teased me about this.
Now that my husband saw an Eagle, here in the city, he believes me!
Hope you also had a great weekend.

Mary said...

They also dine with Titmice. They are a large nuthatch! The brown-headed ones are only 4 inches :o) They love the nuts!

I'm glad you have normal WB nutties. My scissor beak male is still going strong but I have seen the female only once!

Anonymous said...

These guys never sit still long! You took some amazing shots of these guys!

Marvin said...

Nuthatches are one of my favorite birds. Ours like the pseudo-suet mixture -- if the jays don't get it all first. Lovely photos, Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see your pictures..
Love to watch the white breasted Nuthutch in our backyard, so pretty..
Thank you for commenting on my Blog. This is indeed a very prestigious award. This is my contribution to the country I call now home.
cheers Gisela

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I so wish I would see the Tufted Titmouse again soon! It has been a couple of months since one was at the feeders.
The White Breasted does seem large compared to the Brownheaded at your house or the Red Breasted who also has been coming to my feeders.
I read about a Nuthatch called the Pigmy Nuthatch. Its range is in the Pacific Northwest. It is little like your Brown Headed.
Glad scissor-billed is doing okay.
Sherry, who is Nuthatch crazy

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
They are quick! I seldom see them in the Ash tree. I hear them up high in my neighbor's Elms.
Red Breasted is really quick!
Whenever I get a photo of them I am very excited.

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
Thanks. They are very fun birds to watch. So quick too. Last Spring we had Nuthatch babies on the deck and at the feeders. Hope the pair once again nests and brings the babies for nuts.

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
The White Breasted Nuthatches have a huge range. I was reading about their habitat and since they do have such a huge range they are doing okay. Many of our birds are in need of haitat.

Tumblewords: said...

Nice post! We have bald eagles here during the mid-December to mid-January timeframe. They feed on spawning kokanee in the local lake. Spectacular!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Watching the eagles is incredible.
Up north of us is a Wetland Preserve, The Bald Eagles nest there. Having one here in the city is exciting. If one does venture into my yard I will be beyond excited....