Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 12, 2004

The snow is coming down rather heavy.

The trees are beginning to leaf out.
Too cold for bees today.
I am thinking about my Mother.

My Mother was an inside lady.
She like the comfort of air conditioning and heaters.
She did not like the wind messing up her hair yet my Mother liked the bee.
She had bee things.
Maybe she liked the idea of the bee or the bee as a motif.
Maybe she thought the bee was cute.
We never talked about the bee.
The bee never bubbled up into our conversations.

When I went through my Mother's things I found her bee pin.
I am wearing her bee pin today as I remember the day she died.
I am talking about the bees and I am campaigning for Bee Awareness.
I am asking people to ask themselves as they do their spring planting
and begin their lawn care,
"Is this good for the bees?"
If it is good for the bees it is good for the humans!

My maternal Grandmother was a gardener.
I never knew her very well.
We never talked about bees.
I found her bee pin in her old jewelry box.

I would like a bee pin.
A bee for my lapel!

I am still fighting a virus. I am inside with my tea. I am reading books about the bees.
I am resting and keeping my sunny disposition.

I am a bee person.
Perhaps I came from people who loved the bee.
Maybe they just never mentioned it.


Cheryl said...

Hi bee person....lovely broaches... once you start to read about bees it is amazing how involved you get.
I have bumblebees nesting in the copse at the bottom of the garden. I have been watching them go in and out. They fly aroung the ground for ages trying to find their entrance. The hole is just large enough for them to crawl in. I sit and think about the short life they lead and how centred they are. Amazin little creatures.

Your bee companion wishes you well again today.

Mel said...

Dear Bee-girl Sherry,
The pins are lovely. I believe you do have some bee love gene related issue there ;)
Did you know my name (Melissa) means bumble bee?? :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you were able post something.

However, I don't see you as a bee person. Your more of a butterfly person. Always flying about with your different interest and growing more beautiful mind with passing day.

smilnsigh said...

Such lovely old pins... And a lovely heritage, even though you all didn't talk of it much. :-)

I certainly hope that virus finally gives up and goes away. Far away.

Sorry you had snow but trusting it was just a last gasp of winter-ish-ness. We had some between April showers this morning too. Just a tiny bit though.

Stay warm and rest. But you are doing those things. :-) But I still *have* to say it. :-)


meggie said...

I think the fact that your mother & grandmother both had bee pins, is very interesting! My mother never did, nor my grandmothers.
Did you know that Napoleon had the bee as one of the items on his crest? It is said to be an extremely lucky symbol.

I do hope your virus passes quickly.

PAT said...

Sherry, you have certainly been having quite a time with this virus! Hope you are feeling better today.

We have sunshine this morning. Lovely.

The bee pins are beautiful! And the stories behind those pins are beautiful too!


Deb said...

I am a Bee person too! Your pins are lovely & have special sentimental value. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I have lots of bee things about in April. I love the bee, always have. I never knew about all the different types of bees, I just knew Honey Bees and Bumble Bees. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for introducing me to the Orchard Mason Bee. I have been rather sick and without the joy of the Bee Box and reading about the bees I think I might have slipped into depression. As it is I was able to stay cheerful. Just reading about bees is charming.
I am on a bee awareness mission.
I have not seen any bumbles yet this year. Maybe too cold still.
I will have to read about Bumble Bees. Seems most of the books are about Honey beees. How nice to have a Bumble Bee nest so near.
My husband read last night that honey bees recognize different human faces.
I think that is true!
You are my bee friend!
Thank you for you wellness wishes.
I feel so much better this evening from even last night. Each day I am a bit better.
Thank you.

Q said...

Dear Melissa, Bumble Bee!!!
How divine! You are connected to the bee directly. No wonder you have alergies to the sting. Too much bee. LOL!
I was so surprised to see the bee pins! I do not remember them from when I was a child.
You are fun!
Sherry, friend of the bee

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Oh Cathy, I do love the butterflies....I miss them so very much....longing for the first Tiger Swallowtail and I do plant for all of them...I think about them.
I am a bee girl and a butterfly girl and I love the birds and the snails and dragonflies.
I love fish too!
I am feeling so much better. Thank You for your unending kindness and support.
Sherry of the Swans and (Bees and butterflies and bugs of all sorts)

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Maybe I caem from people who thought the bee was cute. Maybe there just was not anything else to say. I could talk about the bee for hours...I would love to talk with other bee people. People that have studied the bees in their area and know about the ways of the bee. It is fun to talk with Cheryl about bees.
Since we have been talking so much about bees are you noticing them?
I am hoping lots of people will begin to see the beesin their area and be aware of how important they are.
Plus, they are cute and make nice motif!
Thank you for your well wishes. I used them!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Hmmm maybe the bee was not a popular motif like I thought...
How interesting about Napoleon. I did not know that. From what I have been reading it seems the bee was highly regarded in ancient times.
I love that the bee is lucky!
Sherry, who is feeling very lucky to have you as a friend!

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Two weeks with this virus! Two long weeks!
I want to check in and see how J is doing. I am sending healing thoughts.
I wish I actually knew more about why my Mother and my Grandmother had bee pins!
I do know I want one.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I remember last year when Mr. Bumbles was near and you loved him as if he was your friend as well. I knew then you were a bee person too!
We love birds and butterflies and plants too.
Thank you for well wishes.

Chrissie said...

Hello Sherry. A sad day for you, but nice that you have your bee to wear today. We have bumbles and honey bees in our garden today but I still have not managed to catch one on camera :-) Perhaps I am wearing the wrong colours :-) I will try again later. It is sunny here today and you can feel the warmth when you are in it, still cold in the shade though. April is a month of cold showers this year! Hope you feel better very soon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I thought of you this weekend when shopping with my friends. I saw a display of bee "things". What I liked best was a bee salt and pepper shaker. It was cute.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
So glad your gardens have bees. You will get a photo soon. They are very wonderful. They seem to like me in sage! Cheryl says they like purple flowers and I see them in the henbit and the wild violtes. Maybe you could wear sage and purple?
My Mother died four years ago. It seems longer ago than that. Other times it seems as if it was only yesterdasy I would go over to her house and we would go get lunch.
I do miss her. Now I have so many questions!
April has been cold here too. Thank goddness for sunshine today. I hope to get outside and do some cleanup.
I will wait to plant seeds until the soils warm a bit.
Happy Bee hunting,

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
LOL! I am so tickled you thought of me while shopping. Lots of Bee Awareness going on! Bee S&P??? How cute.
Happy Bee Day,