Thursday, April 03, 2008

April Showers

It is a chilly rain today.

The daffodils are little lanterns of light
spread about in the gardens.

I have cut a few bouquets for the house.

Daffodil light welcomes me in the kitchen and at my desk.

It is wet outside.
I am thinking about water today.
I am making sure I drink enough water.


Mel said...

Beautiful pictures!

Cheryl said...

Don't they just look so pretty in the rain and of course the beautiful cardinal.
Drop by and see my white and pink daffs!Hope the sun shines soon Sherry.
Snow expected with us on Sunday, we have temp in the 60's today, its just mad isn't it.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
Thank you. Seeing the daffodils outside my office window is just delightful.
I know it is chilly outside but the daffs warm me up!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
You have had an up and down sort of spring this year. So hope they are wrong about the snow.
I brought in a few white and pink daffs. They are pretty.
The yellow and orange ones do look so Spring like. I was watching a Gold Finch in the Crab tree a minute ago. another bright light on a cloudy day.
The Cardinals are my spokepersons!
I thought Mr. Cardinal really looked wet with all the rain drops on his wings.
Enjoy the spring 60's while you can. Crazy weather.

Deb said...

I have been enjoying the male and female cardinal that have been visiting the feeders daily. What a beautiful bird they are! Your daffodils looks so pretty.

meggie said...

Wonderful flowers. Really cheered me to see them with the raindrops on their pretty faces.

I have bemoaned the fact that they have now declared the wolves, saved from the brink of extinction, can now be slaughtered again.
Will man ever learn?

Anonymous said...

LOL it looks like your cardinal has a coating of ice on him or her.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your daffodils are so pretty. That poor Cardinal looks like it has more than its share of water.

PAT said...

Hi Sherry...I enjoyed seeing the daffodils. Just simply beautiful.

We are promised warmer temperatures over the weekend. How much more rain will we have!! There are mudslides in sweet little Grafton Illinois.


Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry....Just to let you know there is a mason bee post today. Thought you might be interested as you are possibly getting some units.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I am so happy you have a pair of
Cardinals. They are beautiful birds. Soon you will have babies too!
I do enjoy the daffodils. Another gray and dreary day but the daffs bring so much light that I am cheered.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I do not often get political here but I think it has gone beyond ridiculous. Sane people need to speak up more. Greed has taken over! Yikes!
Thanks for the photo compliment.
Every year I take pictures of the spring flowers. This year I was happy to be able to do a little bit different look. Spring rains are nice. They keep me from my work but I don't mind too much.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
This Cardinal has lots of blue on his wings. With all the rain he does look cold!
I am always grateful the Cardinals help out when I want a photo to show the weather!
Hope you are getting some warmer temperatures.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you! I do have lots of daffs. I tried to do a daffodil sampler here. I have lots and lots!
They are pretty.
You also have been getting rains. I saw the storm system last night headed your way. Hope all is above water for you.

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Oh no! Mudslides!
I think the southern and western side of Missouri has received more rain than I in the west. I saw we also are to have some sunshine this weekend. I hope so. I am ready to do some serious cleaning up of flower beds!
Stay dry.
Keeping you and J in my thoughts.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you!
I have ordered a bee box and a book. I hope bees come to me and I do not have to order them. I will see right?
I have lots of bees just not sure if any are Orchard Bees.
In 2008, I am studying the bee and hope to learn about the different types that come to my backyard.
Thank you Cheryl for inspiring me!
Bees are the best!

Catherine said...

Beautiful April showers captures Q!
Daffodil light welcomes me in my kitchen also! :)
It is wet outside here also.and still raining..but thats ok, ~it will bring those beautiful May flowers!
Have a lovely weekend Q!

smilnsigh said...

How lucky you are to have daffodils. Just some tips, pushing their way up out of the ground, around here.

Anonymous said...

April showers brings Mays Warblers!

Q said...

Dear Cat,
So glad the Daffodil is bringing light into your house. We could do daffodil awareness. A bouquet on my desk keeps me in the light even on cloudy days. No need to turn on lights. Saving the planet one daff at a time! LOL
I do think as more and more people become gardeners more will see the wisdom of living organically.
I do not mind the April rains either. Not only do they bring the amy flowers but they wash winter off the sidewalks and the streets!
Have a lovely weekend too.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Soon you also will have daffodils in bloom. My Spring is a slow and gentle Spring this year. Thank goodness. I do not think I could have survived a spring like last year again.
I have time this year to really enjoy each different flower.
I am making notes on where I need more daffs for next year!
I am a gardener at heart!

Q said...

Dear Tom,
I wish more warblers were in my area! You have so many different varities. The Yellow Rumped was here for the first time last year. I was thrilled. I did see a Pine Warbler while I was in Iowa. That was exciting. My bird book says the Yellow Warbler is here in the summer. I hope some come to my backyard!
I keep thinking I will get out into the deep woods but seem to be stuck here at the house cleaning flower beds and getting ready for the growing season.
Looking forward to seeing your Warblers!