Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chilly evening

After supper I went to the deck with a hot cup of tea.
I brought my blanket with me.
The air was chilly with a light breeze.

I was so pleased to see Chipping Sparrow at the feeders.
I seldom see him.

The miniature pink roses are starting to open. I will dry some.
I have an idea for a new small Christmas tree.
I want to do a rose tree with a rose garland circling from the top of the tree to the bottom. I think a table top feather tree would be pretty. I am making rose petal beads for my tree.

I will dry rose petals this year. I have this idea of large glass jars filled with rose petals on my hearth in January. I am planning ahead. I am thinking "roses" for 2009. Lots and lots of roses. Maybe I will see about replanting the rose bushes that died last year.

I watched the Painted Daisies dance in the evening breeze.
Tomorrow I will bring the flower presses up.
I think a few pressed Painted Daisies would be nice
next February when the cold northern wind blows.

Perhaps I will make my Valentines from garden pressed flowers.

My book arrived this afternoon.
I started reading.
I started taking notes.
I have ideas and dreams and desires.
I feel creative.
I feel good again.
My vitality is returning.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think your idea of dried roses in jars is great. You see I keep all the roses that DB gives me dried in a glass jar. I like looking at them.

Your rose beads sounds like an interesting project. I don't know how to make beads from rose petals.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I also keep all the roses my husband has given me! I have the Annivesrary roses in my August things. Valentine roses are kept in February decorations.
the rose beads are very easy to do. After I make my rose water I squeeze out the remaining water in the petals and make small round balls. After a day of drying I take a needle and thread and thread the balls (beads). They are still somewhat wet still so I just lay them in a basket to finish drying. It takes about a week to dry completely.
I will check posts from 2006 and see if I showed how to make the rose beads. When I make rose water I always make rose beads with the petals. Last year I did not harvest or do any wild crafting.
I am feeling so happy being back with my herbs and enjoying the flowers.

Anonymous said...

We are having a chilling evening tonight. I love your chipping sparrows picture! They have the darkest bills!

Cheryl said...

Hello Sherry....

I to dry roses and put them in little bowls scented lightly with pure rose oil.

I love the little sparrow, he is such a cute bird.

The book looks so interesting, we are so alike....I to read this sort of book. We can never stop learning.

A lovely post......and I am so glad that your energy is returning, I have thought of you many times and hoped that it might.

Best wishes.

Jayne said...

Intriguing book Sherry. I'll have to check it out. Beautiful roses. Have a beautiful day!

Q said...

Dear Tom,
They do have dark beaks! I think they are very cute. My favorite Sparrow.
Warm up is coming by the end of theweek. I have enjoyed this cool, wet spring so very much.
Summer in K.C. is humid. I never like that!
Enjoy the coolness.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for your kind concerns. I am feeling so much better. I have always wanted a still room. As it is I have my herbs and flowers drying all over my house! Plus my jars were always every where! Trying to keep things tidy and clean with all my "herbs" became too difficult and I stopped doing them. Now I am getting back to it.
I am cleaning out cabinets so I have space for my stored herbs. It is a little house!
Decorative and useable is my goal here.
I am almost finished with my new book. I will do a post on it on Ayurveda Way as soon as I finish. Always learning...the little "tricks" make all the difference.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
So far I am very pleased with my new book. I am learning how to balance my doshas.
Aging gracefully with all my body parts is my goal here!