Thursday, May 22, 2008


The pale pink Peonies began to open in the rain
this morning.

Three peony plants came to my garden, bare roots
wrapped in newspaper, on a very warm Summer day.
A friend of my son brought them to me and said they needed a home.

My heart was touched by these homeless peonies.

The plants soaked in a bucket of water while a few holes were dug into the back yard.
I figured the flower bed would come in later. The plants needed to get into the ground.

I was very pleased when the plants took.
Each year when they bloom I am grateful I opened my garden to them.


Jayne said...

Homeless peonies... love your sweetness in giving these beautiful bloomers some soil to sit in Sherry. :c) They are stunning.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your Son's friend sure knew who would take good care of these homeless beauties. I imagine there would be people clamering to give them a home now that they are showing how beautiful they are.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Well, what could I do??? Poor little things. I laugh about it now. They are very "stunning" peonies for sure.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
If I am ever near your house I will bring you a divide. These are very beautiful peonies. Worth the garden space.

Rose said...

Lovely photos of the peonies, especially with the raindrops.

Enjoyed your photos of the mockingbirds a few days ago, too. He really looked like he was listening to you!

kkryno said...

Sherry, These peonies are lovley! You've been busy! I have'nt been on line on a reular basis this week, so to come back and see you beautiful posts is truley rewarding. Thank you. The birds are always a welcome sight around here. Love, Vikki ;0)

kkryno said...

.oops! I mean regular. Apologies all around. V

Naturegirl said...

Stunning spectacular gorgeous frills!
My absolute favorite plant in the garden! Mine are stil a tight closed bud. Happy weekend to you.

smilnsigh said...

Such beauty! I had to click on and enlarge the first bud in the rain, and show my husband. Ours aren't that far along, like I've said.

Oh such a lovely photo!


Deb said...

My peony buds are still tightly closed but visited by the ants :-} so they will be opening up shortly. Your son's friend knew the perfect person to give the "homeless peonies" too. What a kind gesture.

Q said...

Dear rose,
Thank you.
I am waiting for my Friday Slide show to download and post. I did a series of peonies for it. Hope all enjoy it. The peonies are very beautiful this year. I lost every bloom last year due to freezing temps.
Mockingbird does like me. Although I do not think he pays attention to one word that I say.
If he starts to say, "Hello", we will know differently!

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
So happy warmth has come to Alaska.
Happy too you enjoy the photo essay.
I enjoy doing them.
No worries. Here we chat away with out a concern...
Sherry, who often adds a letter or takes one away...

Q said...

Dear Anna,
My front yard peonies are still very tightly budded. I hope to see them in bloom next week. Having the peonies come to bloom now is so wonderful for me.
I too love the blooms.
You will enjoy yours when they open.
Happy weekend to you to.
Hugs, dear Goddess of the Roses,

Cheryl said...

I love the softness of these blooms, this is a peony I could live with forever.

I inherited some bright red peony's when I moved here, I must say I am not keen on them, I would rather have yours any day.

A good decision Sherry.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I do take many each day.
I saw my purple peony bushes are now so full of bloomed flowers they are beginning to be "heavy" and droopy. They are the ones I will cut for the graves this weekend.
You will enjoy yours when they bllom. Will be soon too.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Lots of plants in my gardens were given to me by different people. Divides and starts and sick plants that people brought to my house. My garden is a living story book. Even some loved plants that have died have markers. I often think about moving but moving the gardens would be a huge job!
Enjoy your peonies. They will open up soon if the ants are working!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I try to enjoy all the plants. The bright purple peonies are not my favorite but they are blooming so well and in just perfect timing for the graves this weekend. I am grateful for them!
These are very lovely and soft and fill my heart with joy!
I will cut a few for my tables too.

Barbara said...

I love peonies and like you I also have some plants which were looking for a new home (other people wanted to get rid of them). Exactly those plants are the most beautiful ones in my garden.

Mary said...

I love to put my nose in Peonies. You are wonderful to offer them a home. And I never thought blooms could be blessed, but these peonies are!

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
I look forward to the peonies blooming every spring.
These are very lovely ones. We also have two different pink types and two different burgandy ones. All in all I think there are a dozen bushes in the yard. I have often thought a peony hedge across the front yard would be pretty.
I could divide these bushes come fall. I think they are at least ten years old. It is time to share with younger gardens.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The peonies smell so nice! The Burgandy ones are in my house right now and each room smells divine! The bushes in front have not opened yet so I should have blooms for another couple of weeks for the house. I love having all my vases full.
Sweet peonies!