Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am once again sprouting seeds.

I enjoy sprouts on my sandwiches and in my salads.
They are delightful in stir fry and mixed into scrambled eggs.

It is still cool out. High today was 34 degrees.
Add the sunshine and no wind and it felts like 54!

I needed bird time.
So I bundled up a bit and sat on the deck.
My neighbor is having a new roof put on so it is noisy.
I did not know who would come to say,"hello."
I was so pleased the female Cardinal saw me and came in for some seed.

I took a yard tour.
There are all sorts of sprouts.
The daffodils are coming up.
Spring is just around the corner.
I decided to go walking in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

You have sprouts coming up in your yard! I can't wait until that happens here.

Love Ms. Cardinal!

Woodland Fay said...

Lovely tour through your kitchen and garden, topped off by the cardinal. TrĂªs exotic for a London girl, although a gaggle of parakeets (an introduction) flew over the garden this afternoon. You can tell they are coming by their noisy chatter and look up to catch their long tails swooping by. Many regards Fay

Wendy said...

Your sprouts look delicious! And do I see a white hyacinth in a glass vase?
Lucky to have daffodils peeking up in your back yard.
Can't wait for spring!

Wendy said...

Whoops! I meant to say a white hyacinth behind the glass - not in a glass vase.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

What a great, relaxing day you had! I enjoyed seeing pics of it.

I used to grow sprouts a lot. Last summer, I tried growing alfalfa sprouts to put on my salads from the garden, but after it kept spoiling before they turned green enough to use, several times, I gave up. I have heard recently that there is e coli or something in the alfalfa seeds these days. Have you heard that? Do you grow alfalfa sprouts?


meggie said...

My heart almost stopped beating when I saw those wonderful shoots of your daffodils & the spring bulbs.

I have a little quote.
"There is no better demonstration of faith, than a man planting a seed in a field." There is no attribution. But, how true are these words!

Q said...

Dear MaineBirder,
A few little sprouts makes all the difference! I have hope for Spring!
The female Cardinal is my dear friend. I have many Cardinals in the yard. I know this one by her red eyebrow.

Q said...

Dear Woodland Fay,
I have read about Parakeets that
are now wild in London and also in other areas. Introduced birds and bugs sometimes just take over native species. I think man should learn from past mistakes!
Looking forward to visiting you and your gardens.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I am looking forward to sprouts!
I think I will make a sprouting bag for the jar. I think the beans will sprout faster if I have them in the dark. I do want to green them up before I eat them!
I have a few forced white hyacinth
blooming. The dutch inspired forcing vase is really nice. I have two of them.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
I still am involved with Spring cleaning! I hope to do a room today. I have a closet I want to clean out. I just take breaks from the scrubbing to create and walk and have bird time!
I do not do alfalfa sprouts. I do an organic, high in protein, mix of beans and snow peas! Delicious!
Do try the beans I think you will like them.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
As Spring is coming to my gardens Summer is winding down for you and Autumn is on it's way!
A very true quote. I love seeds. My seed box is full!
I am looking forward to the growing season and fresh produce from my veggie garden.
Sending blessings,

Unknown said...

What type of sprouts are those in the jar and what method is that? Great photo of the Cardinal. Love the Daff sprouts. I popped by from thingsilove.

Q said...

Dear Darla,
Welcome to Corner!
I am sprouting a blend of adzuki,garbonzo, mung beans and snow peas. It is an organic seed blend I buy at my market. I soak the seeds for 12 hours and drain. Than I rince the beans three times a day. Once they are ready to eat I will wash the jar out and start another batch. I can refrigerate the sprouts for a few days.
Thank you. I do enjoy photography.
Looking forward to visiting you and your gardens.

Cheryl said...

Dear that is something I have never done. Do you just add water to the sprouts?? I know they are extremely good for you, but it is something I have just never thought about.....

Lovely to see the female cardinal.....I have missed seeing her, she is now one of my favourites.....

And your daffs are coming thru....are they early??

Have a lovely weekend.....

Mel said...

Beautiful images of the beauty around you.
I'm following your advice and thinking of you :)

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I rince the sprouts three times a day after the first 12 hour soak. They are very tasty and very good for us.
The daffodils are kind of early...sometimes I have daffodils in bloom for St. Patrick's Day. It would be an early Spring if that happens. With this cold snap the daffodils have just stopped growing...they will take off again when the weather warms. Spring rains always make a big difference too. My ground is still very cold!

Q said...

Dear Mel.
So happy you are sending blessings to the mean spirited woman...I have never understood why people are mean spirited...maybe so we can grow our compassionate hearts!
Smile and love and continue to see the beauty all around you.

Dawn Fine said...

I love fresh sprouts...
thanks for the garden tour.
spring has sprung.

Chrissie said...

Hello Q. I am pleased your garden is waking :-) Ours is too. Spring is coming. Beautiful photos as always :-)

Q said...

Dear Dawn,
We had spouts in our spinach salad this evening. They were delightful!
They look beautiful in their sprouting jar sitting behind the sink!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Our gardens are very slowly awakening. This is fine with me too. Remember my Spring that came so early and I lost over 400 plants? I know to wait...
Looking forward to seeing your Spring...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your sprouts look yummy. I have never done this. I have thought about doing it several times but haven't.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Having fresh sprouts is wonderful. I throw them in stir fry and in our salads. I like this high protein blend.
They are easy to do too.

Barbara said...

We love to eat sprouts too but as I see, we make it in a different way (we do not use a glass). This is for me a sort of gardening indoors ;-) !!
So nice to see your cardinal again.

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
How do you do your sprouts?
One of my friends said she does hers in the dark and brings them out into the sunshine to green up.
I guess there are all sorts of ways to do sprouts!
I just enjoy eating them!