Monday, June 04, 2007

A Few Herbs

The Bergamot is beginning to bloom.
I have two stands.
This one is commonly known as scarlet monarda.
The sage has rebounded nicely,
as has the oregano.
The feverfew is in bloom.

Each bed has its herb.
I am working on creating the edible landscape.
The rabbits enjoy my efforts.


Chrissie said...

I like the idea of an edible landscape :-)

Q said...

Hi Chris,
Slowly I am getting there.
I like the idea of growing food for somebody! Birds, butterflies critters that hop and crawl, even food for the Humans would be nice!
One of these days I can hand my husband a fork and tell him dinner is served "Out in the Gardens".

NatureWoman said...

I love your plants! They're some of my favorites. I love going to the garden to pick herbs and greens, etc. for dinner.

Q said...

Hi Naturewoman,
I grow lots of different herbs!
Each flowebed has at least one.
Years ago I had a regular herb garden. I love the way they smell amd I use them. Most flower too so the bees and the butterflies have food.
I also love to pick supper and do herb bouquets for the house.
Some dry so nicely for winter use. I enjoy having a cup of garden herb tea in the winter.