Monday, June 25, 2007

While I lingered...

I was lingering on the deck this morning
having one more cup of coffee.
I saw a flash of blue.
Back in the Bittersweet I saw.
Are you Indigo Bunting?

Are you Blue Grosbeak?
I think I need a closer look.
I think I shall go back outside and linger near the bittersweet.


PAT said...

I've never seen an Indigo Bunting sitting still...always flying low to the ground. Haven't seen one in awhile. They are so amazingly beautiful!

I'll have to look in the bird book. I don't think I've seen a Blue Grosbeak.

Beautiful photos!

Back Porch Musings

Sheila said...

Hi Sherry,
I've never seen one on the wing so to speak, but according to my birdy book, he looks like a Blue Grosbeak. Very pretty..!

Q said...

Hi Pat,
I think Blue Grosbeak!
The Buntings are smaller and I think I see a bit of wing patch!
I had never seen one!

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
I think Blue Grosbeak too!
I did some reasearch and the photos I saw online look similiar to mine. I read after breeding they travel in small flocks looking for insects and seeds. I am so excited!!
New to me bird. It also said they like grasshoppers! I have lots of them. I do hope he comes back and brings his "flock" I can refill the feeders and I have lots of water for drinking and bathing!
Thanks for looking him up for me. I just was not sure! Almost sure...
Blue Grosbeak! Yes!
Sherry, who loves to see new species in her backyard.

Sprite said...


Dear Q~

I always thought this is what a blue bird looked like. So when you posted the blue bird a while back that had an orange breast, I was so surprised. I did not know that.

Years ago, I saw this bird on my way to the lake nearby.

I thought I had seen a little blue faerie streak by. hehe.

This bird is just stunning, and just happens to be wearing my WOW color. Weeeeee!

I am so delighted by these photos~! Thank YOU!

L~ Sprite

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I was very excited to see Blue Grosbeak. Was not sure that it was in fact Blue Grosbeak until I downloaded the photos!
I had never seen one. I love the blue. Hopefully he will return for closer photos. I was pretty far away when I took these.
Fingers crossed I get some nice photos soon.
I have room in the yard for Indigo Buntings too. I need lots of blue...I too would like a WOW color.
This could be it!
Sherry, who is ready for another party

Tumblewords: said...

I generally recognize robins. The photos you show here are so fine, I think I'll pull up a chair and learn more...Thanks!

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
I posted a photo of a baby robin on Walking in Beauty today just for you!
I do enjoy knowing the names of the birds and the butterflies that come into the yard. I am learning my dragonflies too. It is like knowing the names of the trees and the flowers and the clouds....
so much to learn.